Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ready to Plunge Someone'from their Paradise

Background: When my daughter was a minor, I looked forward to the time that she would turn 18 because I THOUGHT I would be done with communicating with Ex. He and I divorced about 6 years ago. The courts ordered to alternate years to claim our child. I don't file taxes because I don't have earned income. I just get disability.

This year's taxes are the last time our daughter can be claimed, or so I think. She is trying to get financial aid to help her through college but she can't get it with HIS income so I decided to file so I can have a copy of my income that she can use.

Well, my ex evidently has been filing all the years,even the years that were my years.

I let him know  via email (Since I can't seem to talk to him because 1) He hangs up on me because he disagrees with what I have to say or 2) His wife (who has no business being in OUR daughter's business) always ends up talking to me.) that I was filing and claiming her this year. I thought I was going to be nice and gave him a heads up.

He responds abruptly as always with a url of a website stating that I don't have to file. Which technically does not resolve the situation.

 I pondered and investigated. I was someone confused with the IRS and legalities.

On Super Bowl night when I returned for a party I saw my daughter had called me 3 times so I called her back and she was near hysterical. She had mentioned to ex that I was claiming her and he told her that if SHE allowed me to claim her, he was going to make her pay for her health insurance and much more.

What kind of father would do that to their daughter? He is such an asshole.

I decided to call a lawyer. After a couple of days, the intern or assistant called me and said I could file a fraud complaint. But I got the idea that she did not really understand what I was saying.

So yesterday, I leave heer with an address in my hand for the local IRS office. I couldn't find the address. So I went park in a parking lot and called my mom thinking she could look for it in the phone book but she was having a hard time finding it. As I was rustling through papers I noticed a phone number on my SSA-1099. I hung up from my mom and called the IRS number. After pressing English, and various number keys as stated by the automation I had to go through 2 representatives with 20 lettered-names to get to who I needed to get to. I finally figured out that I had read the freaking address wrong. It was 4201-A when I was reading 420-1A. DUH ME.

After an hour of phone tag drove to the IRS place and waited another hour to see the IRS rep.

It was sorta comical in the waiting room. There was a lady there to see who claimed her child because when she went to do her income tax online, it spit her back out because someone else had claimed her. There was two guys and a woman having their family banters etc.

When I was finally called here's what I learned for all those of you who may need this information.
1) My matter is a civil matter as ex disobeyed a court order so he is contempt of court. She advised me to get a lawyer and put it through the courts.
2) I can file the fraud report and it could put a red flag on his tax form to check further in. He can owe money but its not a guarantee.

So I am in process of finding a lawyer. I will pursue this because he's been riding his high horse all these years like nothing can get him. He is downright cruel to our daughter.

MY LOVE keeps saying it is a darn shame that we need to go through court to have a court order enforced. He has a great point there.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when ex gets a phone call or mail from the IRS. Oh I know he will be royally ticked off but so be it. It won't be the first time he'll be royally ticked off at me.

I shall update what's going on as it occurs.

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