Monday, March 7, 2011


No! I was not drunk! Although its Mardi Gras here. "ARGH".

Anyway, Saturday, all of a sudden and I mean ALL OF A SUDDEN I started feeling this pinching along my lower back. It was more of a nuisiance and a fleeing thought that it could be my pin in my leg acting up again.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, I'll summarize. Any questions feel free to comment and I'll go more in depth accordingly.

I have cerebral palsy and when I was a child, like most other kids with CP, I had many surgeries.

The last two surgeries on my legs I had was considered major. Since my legs were turned in, they literally had to break my femur to rotate them and then put a pin in place to keep it together. When I saw the same surgery while I was in Nursing School, I freaked. It gives me the willies to this day!

Periodically, especially, when weather changes, those pins hurt. I do not know why. I asked doctors if there was a way they could be rusted or something. Afterall, they've been in my leg since the 1970's. I was reassured that it could not happen.

So anyway, the pain became worse. It is like a clothespin clamped on a nerve and won't let go.  It starts from my lower back and radiates down my leg.

I hardly slept  that night. I twisted and turned because there was no position to lessen it. I ended up getting up and sleeping in my chair because I didn't want to wake MyLove (although it would take a hurricane ripping the roof off our apartment to wake him up). I tried stretching and moving but the pain won't let up. I've taken enough Ibuprofen to overdose an elephant. (Okay a little exagerration but you get my meaning). I've put ice and heat on it.

Last night, I took an over the counter sleeping pill to knock my butt out. It worked somewhat. At least I slept in my bed.

This morning I went to CVS and asked the pharmacy for some cream that won't burn like Icy Hot or stink to high heaven because strong smells trigger my asthma. She suggested Asperecreme so I bought it.

I came home and rubbed it in. My skin is numb but the pain has not lessened. So when MyLove came home, he gave me his Darvocet, he never took after surgery almost a year ago. The Darvocet is helping me tolerate the pain more.

Of course, its Mardi Gras so doctors are closed. Even if mine was opened I'm contemplating if I want to go just for him to tell me what I suspect already? There is nothing to do about it except rest and what I am doing already.

And I'll have to pay my deductible plus meds. I'll get more pain meds though or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Another question: Do I really feel like driving 30 miles that usually takes 45 minutes one way and wait another 15 minutes to have him tell me what I already know and maybe give me a prescription?

I consider myself having high tolerance to pain but I was actually thinking today, if pot was legal would I go for it? I've never tried pot but heard it works well for pain. It would have to come in pill form though because I don't smoke.

Damn I hate when I do something hurting myself than not remembering what I do so I would try not to do it again.

Tis My Life!

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