Saturday, March 5, 2011

Complaint Letter to Office Depot

I am writing regarding my experience ordering on your website on March 3, 2011. My goal was to order online and pick up at the store.

I went through the process of filling my NAZ but when I went to enter my credit card information, it gave me numerous errors stating my billing address was incorrect. I unsuccessfully tried several times.

I turned to your chat support and chatted with a gentleman named Adrian. He told me there must be a glitch with my bank and directed me to call my bank. I told him I had used my credit card elsewhere online and I had no problem. He was persistent for me to call the bank. Why is it always the bank's fault? We ended the chat.

I called my bank and the representative checked my account and he said there was no activity attempting to get to my account by office depot and there was nothing showing in my account that anything was wrong. I confirmed the billing address on my account.

Then I returned to chat support and chatted with Jeff. He told me he could take the order, give me an order number and then I could call customer service with the order number and place my order. They could not take my credit card information online. I understood about the credit card information. I still thought it was ambiguous but I proceeded as directed. I reiterated that I wanted to pick it up. He took all the information down and gave me an order number.

After I ended chat, I called customer service as instructed. I spoke to a female with an accent I could hardly understand. We went through a seemingly long tedious process. She said she would make a note that I would pay by credit card at the store. When she was confirming my order, she disconnected in midst of her confirmation.

By that time, it had been an hour trying to make an order.

I went back to my account and I saw there was an order. However, obviously Jeff entered the wrong store number because it was in another city and state!

Flustered by then, I canceled the order.

I went back and made the order and indicated it would be paid by check. I received a confirmation via email. It stated that I would be getting another email when the order was ready in about 4 hours. It also stated if the order was not picked up within 48 hours, my order would be restocked. I never received the confirmation email that my order was ready.

The next morning, March 4, 2011, I went to the store with a copy of my email confirmation. The young man took my email, walked to what looked like a fax machine. He was talking through a mic pinned on his shirt very low. That in itself is very annoying!

He was walking away and I asked him where my order was. He said, "I'll be just a minute." I watched him. Obviously my order was not filled because he was filling it then. As he walked back with what I ordered, I inquired why my order wasn't ready in addition to giving him my opinion on this whole situation. I commented how useless the online service was for pick up. All he did was apologize. The apology was like a robot programmed. During the whole time, he kept talking through the annoying mic. How rude!

So he adds it up and says it is $22 something. I said, "No it is not!" It is suppose to be $19.42. He returns talking through his mic and then said to me, "Okay,we'll give you that price." I said, "Why is it different?" He responds, "Online prices and in store prices are different." I finally got my order and left.

Although I received my order, which wasn't technically an order from online because it was like I told him what I wanted and he went get it. I used the pick-up online ordering for convenience. I did not experience any convenience whatsoever.

I am still unable to get your site to recognize my card. However, it sure recognized it at the store.

Unless you can give me an explanation of such incompetence I will hesitate using your store or site ever again. I also will not refer your online order service for pick-up..

Sincerely yours,

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