Monday, March 14, 2011

Today is MyLove's Birthday

Today is MyLove's Birthday. I have shared almost 4 years of it with him and its been an honor. I love him so!

He is another one of those people think his birthday is just another day. 'SIGH' I just can't win with my loved one being celebratory or romantic etc. But I love him all the same.

 However, birthdays are special. It is your day you came into this world. My family always celebrated birthdays. I guess that is why I am into them.

It's not a big thing. We usually have a cake and meal with family. No gifts involved although cards are allowed.

Being that we are living in sin, we haven't done the family thing for our birthdays. It's sorta separate.

We've gone eat lunch with his mom then he and I do something together. My family usually sends him a card.

This year, I kinda went all out. I ask him what he would like and he says I don't have to give him anything. "SIGH" So I thought about it.

I was trying to make a card but I've been feeling so bad that I couldn't get into it. He had mentioned cakes or cookies or cupcakes. Last year I bought him cupcakes and gave him a balloon and card.

I looked online at Cookies-n-Bloom but nothing caught my eye. Then I thought, he loves fruit and chocolate. So I went to Edible Arrangements online and browsed. There were some nice things. I ordered a box of  peanut butter chocolate covered bananas.

This morning I went to Winn Dixie for a few things and I picked a humorous card. As I was browsing the store, I noticed balloons in the air and set in different areas. So I bought him a colorful balloon.

It was funny with the balloon. I had to pull my buggy close to the shelf and put one foot on the buggy and one on the shelf, jumped and grabbed the ribbon of the balloon. I tied it to the basket handle. Well when I got to  the cashier she pulled it off the basket to scan, let go and it went up in the air.

Of course there were only shorties around so she called someone else. The guy was taller than us but still couldn't reach so he went get a broom. We were all thinking what good will a broom do? He tried twirling the ribbon around the broom but it didn't work. Another customer suggested he stand on the counter to get it but the cashier did. We finally got it after 2-3 minutes. I help onto it for dear life and of course the wind was blowing but I finally got it in the car and went on my way. I put gas in my car (3.33/gallon) and went pick up his candy.

I gave it to him at lunch and he was somewhat surprised hehe. We're ordering pizza from Pizza Village and plan to eat it while we watch the finale of Bachelor and then who knows from there :).


  1. Sounds very sweet. I hope you both had a nice evening.

  2. Yes, we had a wonderful evening. Thanks!


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