Thursday, March 17, 2011

Diagnosis/Creative Writing Class

Well, for who are following me and those who I send my blog to, you know I've been having pain and itching.

Yesterday, I finally went to the best  medical doctor. I've gone to him for several years and he calls me a "medical challenge"  Surprisingly, I was easy to diagnose. I had suspicion with my own medical knowledge and with family and friends speaking of experience.

I have Shingles. It comes from the chicken pox virus in your nerves. It is no fun. I wish this on no one.

It was too late to give me meds as it had started a week ago. If I had gone within 24 hours my symptoms started, he could have given me an antiviral. It was the weekend and then Mardi Gras so that virus chose the most inconvenient time to wake up. Oh well, such as my life.

He promised me the rash should go away in a month. He reassured me that I was no longer contagious. He told me I could take MyLove's Lortabs, Ibuprofen and an over the counter itching cream. The itching comes in spurts. The pain has continue to lessened except when I move a certain way. I just feel tired and achy. It's like my energy was zapped from me. I've been cold. I know its not cold outside or in my apartment. I feel like I'm in a freezer. Doc assures me this is part of this "Yucky Mess".

I have to hang on and keep on going.

Tuesday, my creative class started again. New people. Same instructor. We had homework Tuesday to read aloud today. The homework was to tell a story from a picture. I can't find the picture online. Anyway, it's amazing how many different stories you get out of one picture.

None of us wanted to read what we wrote and she said we didn't have to. You know how those teachers can be manipulative. 'SMILE" "You don't have to share but we learn from others." We all read what we wrote except for one. She was a high schooler and was not going for it. After we read ours, the instructor gave us positive criticism.  If we wanted, we could hand it in, and she'll reread it and write what we can improve on. But we didn't have too. I did because although I dread reading my work aloud, I do want to learn how to improve. That's why I took the class. Right?

I really think I will learn alot from this class.  It's exciting. I am glad I decided to do this and had MyLove support me.

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