Thursday, May 5, 2011

ER Visit

It's been NIGHTMARISH since Friday. I worsened. I couldn't eat or drink anything! I knew I was dehydrating. I was becoming very weak and struggled for my appointment with my GI doctor yesterday.. However, I started caving in Saturday. The room started spinning every time I LIFTED my HEAD. You know after drinking alot, how your head feels the next morning? Well consider that 10x worse! I remember asking MyLove Saturday night if he would take me to the ER in The Berry 20 miles away Sunday since ALL my doctors are there. He was concerned and said he'll do anything I needed. He is such a sweetheart.

Sunday I woke up and I could hardly go the bathroom. I dry heaved and I was so weak not to mention the SWIRLING room. So I asked him to bring me to the ER. He had to hold me to walk to the car. I was drifting rapidly. I could just feel myself fading. I laid on the backseat and took deep breaths in and deep breaths out. I was miserable.

This was funny though. When I went got in the car. I didn't just crawl in, once I saw the seat, I TURNED AND PLOPPED!  I was NOT moving anymore! It just wore me out from going to my bedroom to the car.  MyLove was trying to push me more inside so he could close the door. He grabbed my BUTT CHEEKS and pushed me in. Thinking about it, it is hilarious. At that moment I didn't care.

He got me to the ER safely. My mom had already made it as we called her before we left. She only lives 10 minutes away from ER. It was amazing the way things went.

My mom went into the ER and asked for a wheelchair. Two men dressed in scrubs came and I vaguely remember shifting into the chair. They spun me to TRIAGE and the two nice compassionate fellows took my vital signs and got a little background information. My blood pressure was high they said, probably from the days of nausea.  They probably didn't want me to throw up on them as I was dry heaving big time, they sent me to a room by a nurse.

I laid on the table and the Dr came in. His name was Dr. Darbonne. I'll just call him Dr. D-Bone. Dr.  D-Bone asked how long I had been nauseous. After my response of since Easter, he asked me why I didn't call my doctor? I told him I did make an appointment with the GI doctor for the following week.but really never thought of calling my doctor for nausea medicine. That's how much I was focused during the week. He asked me that question 3 times during our short conversation. He impressed me very little but he was all I had at the time. So he looks at my long history and list of medications. He said he would order bloodwork, pump in IV fluids (And he was not kidding!) and give me some nausea medicine by IV to try to cut out the nausea.

A nurse soon entered and put my IV in my hand and started the liquids. They pumped 1000 ccs of fluids into me in 45 minutes. During the infusion, lab came and took 5 tubes of my blood. The nurse came in and did a blood sugar prick on my finger. The prick was foreceful I jumped. My Blood sugar was 27 folks. The nurse was awed because she never saw a coherent person with a blood sugar of 27. (Normal Blood sugar is  between 70 and 150), The lab ran it and it was lower! 22!  Shet  also gave me a dose of  Zofran via IV to relieve my nausea.  Doc popped in to reconfirm  I never had diabetes or troubles with my blood sugars. By that time I had to PEE!

So the nurse comes in with this big syringe of "SUGAR".  I told her my problem. She asked if I could wait a few minutes because she didn't want me to fall down with the low blood sugar so I held it. She slowly pumped the sugar in. It had been about 1/2 hour and the Zofran didn't work so she gave me another dose.

As I waited for the Zofran and "SUGAR' to work an aide walked in to get something in the drawer. I was squirming so she brought me to the bathroom. Such a relief.

About 1/2 hour to 45 minutles later the doc pops in and is astonished that my nausea hadn't ceased. The nurse came soon after with a dose of Phenergan IV. That did the trick for the nausea. She took my blood sugar again and it was 155! Sigh of relief.

My IV fluids were finished way before then so the doctor came in and said he'll give me a prescription for nausea. I asked him what he thought was causing it. He just shrugged and said my blood work was normal and to call my family doctor or wait to see my GI doctor.

I was feeling a helluva lot better than when I went in I assure you. I was wiped and felt I'll live at least another three days.

My sister agreed with me that Dr. D-Bone could have used more bedside manner and informative. My mom and MyLove argue he was just being professional.

Stay tuned for the GI doctor visit..and beyond. Thanks for reading!


  1. omg! That's a a lot of stuff to go through at once. Hope you're feeling ok now.
    Can I bring in some humour in here. Well...the post kinda reminds me of greys anatomy. lol. You know...all those IV fluids and stuff.
    I like reading your blog :)

  2. wow sweetie!! :-( im glad you felt better when you left... but i hate that you had to go thru it in the first place! :-( ill be praying for you!!!

  3. @V: Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. LOL. I'm good that you can see humor it. If I can make you laugh or give you some kind of insight in my blogs I'm good. Your blog is interesting too. I have to catch up for obvious reasons. I appreciate you! Have a Great Mother's day!

  4. @ Overthinking MOM: Thanks Overthinking MOM. I appreciate you reading. It's my life. Gotta keep everyone on their toes, you know? LOL.

    I have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.


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