Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers and Dads who are acting as Mothers as always.


My MOM is a wonderful giving person.
She is a strong woman who endured criticism from neighbors about how 'cruel' she was to me. They found out later it was LOVE because if she hadn't made me as independent I would not be where I am now.
She is the one who cried to doctors and listening when they said to raise me from her intuition.
She was the one who spent endless hours at the school board office to see the superintendent and persuaded them to let me try "Normal" public school.
She is the one who went cry and pray in the bathroom when I fell in my braces because it broke her heart but she knew that's what she had to do. I did get up on my own.
She fought for me in everything.
She spent endless hours with me at the hospital.
I know I can go to her for much of anything.
She brings me joy and laughter in my life.
She is ALWAYS there for me whether to lend an ear, shoulder or bring me to a doctor.
She always puts everyone first except herself.
She allowed me to make mistakes so I could learn for myself, although it nearly killed her to see me in situations.
I love her with all my heart.
I may have been a SPECIAL NEEDS Daughter but I have a UTMOST SPECIAL MOM!


In 1992, I became the mother of my only child, Layla.
She was 18" long and 6.5 lbs.
She was my rock for a very long time but I had to let her go some. But when it comes down to it, I fight for life because of her.
She is loving, giving and smart. sweet, independent and adorable.
I am so proud of her because she has always went for what she wanted.
We've had rough times but I truly believe we both learned from it and we're closer than ever.
My goal was to raise her to be a productive adult and I think I succeeded but it was not only my journey, it was hers. She did the hard work as I only guided her.
She kept me going and I proved to myself that my disability was not a obstacle in having a child.
She is so very special and stood up for me although she wouldn't stand up for herself.
I love her so much.
I couldn't ask for a better daughter than Layla.
I love you Layla Ruth.

She is the mother of two great children.
It's been a honor and pleasure to have her as MY only sister.
She trusted me when we were younger with all her secrets and I could trust her.
She was the one who brought me potato chips from school.
She was the one who played with her friends by the window so I can watch when I was bed bound.
She was the one who put up with not only a pesky little sister but with a special needs sister who took most of her mother's time  with no resentment.
She took my child as her own for a few months when I was sick in the hospital when Layla was born.
I know she is always there for me and I hope she knows I am always there for her.
God has blessed me with one sister and I am happy with the one.
I love you Melanie!

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  1. such a great post!!! :-) God Bless and happy belated mom's day!


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