Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Monday morning my CT appointment was for 11:30 am.  I left early because I was thinking I'll have a hard time to park as they are renovating the hospital. I arrived and noticed VALET PARKING at the front entrance..

Now if you've been following my blog, the last two weeks has been hell for me with nausea etc. I still get really fatigued and tired at a moment's notice. My mom did offer to bring me but I really didn't need her help. I know my limitations.

So I drove up to the Valet Parking and a nice 20 something fellow came and asked with a soft voice if he could help me. I inquired how much Valet Parking was and he said it was a courtesy from the Hospital and it was FREE. I thought, "YES! There is a GOD!" So excited and relieved I handed him my car keys, he gave me a claim stub and off I went. Admission was a breeze.

I get to radiology and sat. And sat. About 20 minutes, this cute Caucasian 20 something girl comes with this big ass glass of what looked liked lemonade. She called my name and I reluctantly stood up. Walking towards me she said, "No! You can sit back down sweetie! Your doctor ordered contrast so you need to drink as much as you can in the next hour." I thought "CRAP!: (That is the rated-G version).

I sipped and Gawd I hate that crap. They make you go without eating then gives you this sweet tarty stuff to drink. A 300+ lb 40ish guy sitting a couple of chairs down from me watched. Two elderly ladies enters and sits across from me and starts staring.

You know how you have awkward moments with people staring? I am used to stares but the elderly ladies hadn't seen me walk in so I start checking my nose, my mouth, my hair.

I learned through my 48 years when something needs to be done and you hate it, you just as well do it and get it over with.

So I gulped it through the straw. The Big Nice guy asked me if it tasted like Lemonade. I could feel my lips pucker and thought for a second to describe it. I informed him, "It's like an extra sweet/sour Lemonade with a metal taste to it. He exclaimed, "Oh my POOR BABY" I thought what the hell? Anyway I was able to guzzle the drink in 15 minutes. I felt bloated, loudly belched excusing myself shamelessly and went to the bathroom. About an hour later the same nice radiologist came and we walked to the x-ray room.

They inform me they have to give me contrast by IV. I sighed. I was just surprised he ordered with contrast and wasn't prepared to stay there for hours!

A petite blond sticks me  and she blew my vein BUT yet she starts wiggling in it. I mumbled, "It blew.. She shook her head like 'No, it can't be."

 I can tolerate pain and needles are nothing to me but I was in a piss-ass mood and impatient. (MyLove told me that when I was in ER the other day, my mom said I was so dare she! haha). The Blondie leaves and a Brunette comes around and sticks me..I was watching closely this time and we were both nervous..but that damn needle hurt! It wasn't a regular needle or so it seemed.

She sticks the needle in my skin as I held still. She pushes it in slowly and my vein rolled. I heard her say, "SHIT" under her breath." I calmly on the outer but steaming inside, suggest they get another nurse or someone else because they weren't sticking me again. A 50ish  Muslimman strolled in and asked what the problem was. I say Muslim because he had one of those Abba Hussein kinda names. No intentional prejudiced here.

The Blondie said, "She has bad veins." I retorted, "Well then, why did other nurses, and anesthesiologists get it at least 4 times in the past two weeks?" That shut BOTH Up. The Muslin doc got it in seconds.

Anyway we went through the process. When she opened the IV for the contrast to go in, I expectantly felt a flush DOWN THERE. That is so weird. Anyway about an hour later, they released me, I got my car from valet and went directly to RAISING CANES and got me a 3 finger box and I ate the WHOLE THING. I usually eat maybe 2 pieces giving MyBabyGirl my toast.

This morning was my doctor's appointment for follow up. I gained 4 lbs! Yea! He thinks my fatigue and tiredness is from the malnutrition I endure last week and a half AND Low sodium. The CT scan was unremarkable. So he wants:
1) To continue my meds he gave me.
2) Drink minimum of one can of Ensure every day.
3)High salt diet for the next few days.
4) He wants me to check my weight  monthly the next 3-5 months.
5) Eat, Eat and Eat :)

I am feeling better. Appetite is back two-folds "SIGH". Thanks everyone for the prayers and speedy recovery wishes.

OH this doctor is so hot. Click doctor up above. He is gorgeous with that Puerto Rica accent, curly hair..MMM MMM LOL!

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