Thursday, June 16, 2011

But It Fits the Bun!

That's what an 80ish distinguished  gentleman was telling his same age petite wife as they were looking at the Bun-length wieners at Wallyworld today.

The wife exclaims, "It is more expensive!'

Adamantly, the man says, "IT FITS THE BUN!"

As adamant as her loved one, "It is more expensive! Let's go over there!"

They talk back and forth, trying to persuade the other. Some heated French was also spoken that I couldn't understand.

Standing his ground, the man says, "But you won't just eat bread, its  BUN-LENGTH."

The lady shakes her head mumbling, " NO...." I could not hear the rest..

Then the lady stomps away. The man continues to stare at the bun lenght wieners like a child who was just reprimanded.  THEN...

He looks around, presumably to see where his wife was. The coast was clear! He hurriedly, as his old body could, grabbed two packs of Bun Length wieners. Gripping them, he looked around again..Coast was still clear! He walks around the basket and picks up a back of chips and some toiletries, places the wieners then covers them with the items he had just picked up.  He stands there placing items around the wieners for a good minute or two. When he seemed to feel confident that his wieners were safe, he started walking pushing the basket.

I saw them once again during my shopping. They were talking and laughing.

Every time I think about it, I smile. It was just too darn cute.

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