Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. I will write about my father today.

He started working when he was way younger than anyone should have. After his mother died his father remarried and pretty much put him and sister out on their own. I don't quite get the whole story but I always wondered why that was. An elderly couple took them in for a roof over their heads and food but he worked to clothe him and his sister. He loved boxing and football but had to put it aside to support he and his sister.

As I grew up and beyond he worked long hours at the salt mine but I never once heard him complain.  He had obligations to his family and he filled them. It gave him a very strong work ethic through the years. We were never without our needs.

He took us on vacations when he preferred to be home. He did everything a man should do for his family plus more.

 He was a man of few words but when he wanted to say something, it was said. I don't remember him ever verbalizing his feelings. His actions said much more.

I remember him playing pitch and catch with me. I was afraid of the ball when he threw it but he would encourage me and tell me that it would hurt worse if I didn't catch it. He also played basketball with me. He was the one that made a tree swing. He was the one who kept oiling my bikes and put the training wheels down.

 Near high school graduation he told me that the world was cruel out there and I had to become something with some sorta degree because it was going to be double hard for me as I was "handicapped."

The other day I was digging in some pics and I found a short note he had given me long time ago. It said he was so proud of me and loved me very much. Of course I knew this but to give me this token, it touched me more than he will every know.

He is always helping others and people always call him. My sister and I know he is there if we need him any time or day.

He has been a devoted husband.

Most dads are special but I would say mine IS the best. If I need anything I know he is only a phone call way.

To all you out there whose Father has passed on, know they are angels looking down on you.

As I reread this, the words don't even come close to who my Dad is. He is one special man!

I love you Daddy!