Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I was sifting through some pics and I found a few I thought was worth sharing.  .

It was a homemade gift from My BabyGirl the same year my marriage ended with her father. She told me the horses reminded her of her and I in the world together.I have it on my dresser drawer right in front of my bed so it will be the last thing I see and think about at night but shhh..she doesn't know that LOL.

My BabyGirl and I at graduation 2010. We both changed since then. Oh and my dad is in the back laughing. I was crying and laughing that day because I was damn proud! God answered 17 years of  my prayers giving me the honor to see her graduate from high school. Now she says I need to pray to live until she graduates college. I told her we couldn't be too greedy but I don't plan on going anywhere.

My mom and great nephew, Andrew taken recently for my hometown's newspaper.

My dad gave me this figurine AGES ago. It was missing for many years and then I found it and I lost it and I found it again. I put it showcased on my living room window sill so I won't lose it again. He said it reminded him of me because I sat like that all the time except my ankles would cross over my knees. Weird position but what can I say? It was comfortable. It has a bunch of 'bump and bruises", typical me :).

I realized today that I RARELY can take a pic of my sister LOOKING at me. It's blurry because she was probably moving trying to hide. She is always hiding I realized after looking for one of her. Of course the one sticking her tongue is my MyBabyGIrl acting like herself as usual...and I wouldn't want it any other way.

That's bits and pieces of my life! Thanks for stopping by!