Friday, June 10, 2011

Persistence Prevails!

FOLKS, PERSISTENCE DOES PREVAILS! I got a message on my voicemail with a message retrieval code for the results of my appeal. It was an 800 number and I don't normally answer 800 numbers. The message said it was approved! I called my pharmacy to see if it went through and they said yes! It wasn't my letter that did it because when we went get the mail, I had ANOTHER denial dated June 6th.

I guess I will be shopping in October for another company.

Amazing how when doctors take the time to be your advocate you get results! So that is solved!

MyLove got off work early today so we took advantage using one of my Bargain Bee vouchers and went eat a cheeseburger  at Morvants in Broussard. They were delicious. I hadn't had one of those in years! 

Then we went to Best Buy and browsed. We'll be needing a TV soon, my mom wanted me to research something for her and I've been contemplating on buying a spanking brand new laptop. The salesgirl was very informative. So I'll give Rainie a salute!


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