Thursday, June 9, 2011

Short Version of a Long Gratifying Day

I'll give a shorten version of my day today because I'm pooped. I had a long but gratifying day.

My BabyGirl and I woke up bright and early at 6:30 am and got on the road to make a treacherous ride to The Berry for my six month follow-up appointment with my family doctor, Dr. Rob. I didn't know Hwy 182 was one lane that early.. That can be a post another time, how Louisiana should do road construction/repair at night like other states.

We made the 20 mile journey in about 45 minutes leaving a little time to spare before my appointment. I weighed 83 lbs on his scale so I think I rather his scale than my GI doctor's. We discussed my insurance and their denial of coverage of the Nuvigil and Provigil. (Me VS FDA Guidelines ) and their recommendation of Adderall. He became somewhat fired up. He does not want me on Adderall because it zaps the appetite. So he is going to write a letter to the insurance. He took my blood to test my thyroid. But I am better than I was six months ago.

So we left there and went to my niece's salon and both had our hair trimmed. While we waited for my Mom to do her hair, we went stroll through T.J. Max that just opened. After Mom was finished, we went eat at Subway. After a leisure lunch and conversation with my mom, my Babygirl and I started the 20 mile journey home.

More knowledgeable and being that we were on the OTHER side of The Berry I took Hwy 90 this time. It started pouring blankets of rain. Whoever prayed for rain, their prayer was answered.  At one point, I couldn't see anything so I got off to the side of the road, as many others did.

On the way, My BabyGirl realized she didn't have her key to the old apartment to get her bike (Another long story another time maybe) so we decided to go to our favorite store. BARNES AND NOBLES. After spending more money than I really wanted to but I knew what was gonna happen before I got my fault. It is OUR THING we love to do TOGETHER so it is well worth it!

After we loaded our books and ourselves into the car, we decided to stop at Sonic Drive In. Oh I have to tell my readers this story.

I called MyLove and asked if he wanted a Sonic Drink, he said yea, an Apple Slush. So I press the button and a spunky girly voice asks for my order.

I ordered, "A Large Apple Slush, A medium Dr. Pepper and a Medium Ocean Water."

She informs, "We don't have Apple Slush anymore, all we have apple is the boxed apple juice."

Okay, that paused me for a minute then I asked, "Well okay, what kind of slushes do you have?"

She responses, "ANY KIND OF FRUIT SLUSH THERE IS". I paused again. Thinking, "WTH?" It was just so NOT nice of her to cut my concentration like that! When my brain thinks one thing, it is just not right to confuse it like that!

I stammered, "STRAWBERRY."  The carhop arrives with our drinks a few short minutes later and I commented it made no sense that they didn't have Apple slush. She said, "Oh we haven't had that item for a couple of weeks now and there were alot more deleted from our menu." I still gave her a dollar tip since it is really NOT the carhop's fault that the COMPANY decided to do away with one of MyLove's favorites! What were they thinking?!?!

Luckily, MyLove is more flexible than I and enjoyed his STRAWBERRY SLUSH.

It continues to amuse me that the order taker said they didn't have APPLE slush but the very next sentence she said, "ANY KIND OF FRUIT SLUSH THERE IS". OOOkkaayy.

We made it home safely despite MY DP falling over after a sharp turn and the inattentive passenger letting the COLD ICE and DRINK dribble on MY SEAT making my RIGHT BUTT CHEEK freezing. As I was grabbing the  SPILLED DP is when she realizes what happened, just starts laughing! Ah! Some people's children. All we can do is love them!

All in was a great mother/daughter day all around!

Remind self about Clinic excited...Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like a full and very gratifying day for you and your daughter. That's wonderful. Isn't it pitiful that the insurance companies make the decisions and then the doctors have to plead your case? What is wrong with that picture? Hope all that goes well for you.

  2. Yes, it was. My heart sang all day. Yes it is pitiful. However my Doc has enough with insurance etc and he said he was going to bug them as he always does until they relent. :). There is definitely something wrong. THanks for reading and commenting. It is much appreciated.

  3. ggrrr.. it just deleted my comment i think... ugh. ohwell.

    glad everything went good with the docs!!! :_) hope the insurance thing works out!!

  4. OT MOM, Thanks sweetie. From what my doc says he will bug the crap out of them until they approve it so I will post when that happens. I appreciate you reading and commenting~


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