Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two of Me??

I have wondered more in the past 24 hours than I have in a while. I tend to ponder the weirdest things and usually don't figure it out.

The questions reeling in my little pea brain go something like these, "Is her hair brown like mine or is she a blond? Does she have astigmatism like I or have 20/20 vision? Do we have the same personality? Does she have CP or? Does she have a wonderful kid like I do? Is her family awesome like mine?

A odd thing happened yesterday afternoon My BabyGirl and I went on my monthly pharmacy errand to pick up four medications I had refilled. Yea, I got to see My Babygirl AND her girlfriend. Must not forget the girlfriend! AND My BabyGirl is coming tomorrow night for a sleepover! How grand is that?

Anyway, when I walked up to the counter, the pharmacist asked my name. Almost every cashier and pharmacist who has been there for a while knows who I am. I go there almost like clockwork, sorry to say.This mousy bespectacled brunette was new, however.She pulls out 5 bags and lays them on the counter. I noticed $19.15 on one and I then looked at the medication name. It seemed familiar but something didn't seem right. She asked me for my address and I gave it to her.

She starts ringing them up and I asked if one was a genericfor the other, why do I have two? She reads the label and says, "They are both for anxiety."

I thought, "Why would doc give me a different one?" I told her I took the med, not for anxiety but for muscle cramps. She shrugged and said, "I don't know."

The other anxiety medication was 12.15 which I knew because I pay it every month.  The $19.15 was poking at me like a sharp porcupine. There was something not right! But I just couldn't pinpoint it.

I asked her who the docs were. She named my doctor and another doctor, which seemed familiar too. I had a brainstorm and said, "Maybe it was from the ER and I didn't want it when it was prescribed so they just left it there as they are known to do if I decide on not paying it at the time." She said, "Maybe."

As she was ringing one up, she asked for my birthday. For every drug she kept asking me for my birthday. I know I am forgetful sometimes but gee whiz. Anyway after the third, she stopped and said, "OMG, this is a different birthday!

AHA There is another person with my name exactly. So I was not crazy after all!

When I worked I would get people asking me how my family was and would get asked, "I remember you? You lived in Jeanerette." When I looked dumbfounded and inform them I never lived in Jeanerette, they would say, "Oh well there is this girl who has your name and walks just like you.

Once, when I was married, my then-hubby worked 7/7 and one night he was home and a man called our home asking for me at 1 am.  When I answered, he said he had a good time the other night and I told him he had the wrong number. He verified my number and name. This was before caller ID and such. That raised my then-hubby's eyebrows. I vehemently denied knowing this guy. Well the same guy, called again when my then-hubby was in with the same scenario and  I finally proved to my then-hubby I was not fooling around. The next time the guy called at 2 am, my then-hubby answered and put an end to his calls finally.

I have asked my parents if I ever had a twin they didn't tell me about. They adamantly say they are sure I was the only one born that day. To the best of their knowledge she did not deliver twins.

It is just so interesting to me having a replica of me walking around..much less use the same pharmacy in the same town.


  1. I have a very common name and in CT there were about 8 in the phone book alone. Turns out 1 went to my doctor as well. He told me he wanted me to have an MRI for my neck and when I was at the front desk waiting, the folder in front of the receptionist said liver biopsy on a sticky note. That's how I found out that there was another 'me' there. Good for you for questioning the pharmacy. Mistakes can be made and had you not been so inquisitive, you could have taken a wrong medicine!!

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  3. Wow Barb, that is freaky. I so would love to meet the other person just to see.

    Thank you Spiritual for taking the time to read and comment. It is much appreciated.

  4. Eslaradrapo--the pleasure is mine to have people like you take the time to stop and read plus comment. THANK YOU!

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