Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ah yes! In 14 hours I am off to my mini-vacation with MyLove. It is so needed! I was so depressed Wednesday. I went back to my Facebook status that day and noticed only two answered. Maybe because I said I didn't want to hear God is good, blah blah blah.

I felt so defeated. Let me tell you why.

My BabyGirl was following her girlfriend to bring their cars to stay at the girlfriend's aunt's house since they will be in Mississippi the rest of the month. It had just rained. I don't know what happened but My Babygirl told me that the girl in front of her girlfriend put on her brakes suddenly, in which made the girlfriend put on the brakes. Well my Babygirl didn't put on the brakes fast enough and reared ended her girlfriend's car which led to the domino effect of the girlfriend hitting the girl in front.

Luckily, no one was hurt. The only car that was damaged was My BabyGirl's and the damage is more than what the car is worth. And she was the only one who got a ticket.

It wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't her first wreck. She's totaled two cars in 2 years plus a few mishaps along the way. I helped her buy that car.

We don't know what we are going to do. MyLove says, there shouldn't be no "we". She wanted to be an adult, she needs to figure out the resolution.. He is right But then again, she is MY BabyGirl.

I told her to go to MS as planned, think about a resolution but don't dwell on it. I encouraged her to enjoy the experience and maybe she'll have a better perspective when she returns. Maybe I will too.

Oh did I tell ya'll my Babygirl was invited to a Soroity for academic success. I'm just so damn proud of her!


  1. sweetie!! i am sorry to here about your baby girl. :-( at least she wasn't hurt and neither was anyone else!! God was protecting her there.

    i hope you are feeling more upbeat today!!! :-)

    <3 u!!

  2. Enjoy your minivacation, God had a way of working everything out. Shake off the blues and have FUN!

  3. I am dreading the day when i get into my first real wreak. I've been driving since my sophomore year in high school and now I'm a sophomore in college!
    You're such a loving mother too! Helping your daughter like that. My parent's have gave me a dime for anything since I was 14. I've managed paying college by myself. Good luck to you both!


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