Friday, July 1, 2011

After two weeks and 5 phone calls, I have received my records from the Crippled Children's Clinic. Eighteen years of my life were compacted into 130 pages of progress notes, surgical reports, x-ray reports, payments and correspondence.  Most were progress notes,  telephone calls and correspondence from social worker to insurance back to clinic. What a circus that was!

The first thing that I realized was I almost weigh the same I did when I was 13. Only a few pounds more. I also had a State Case Number. I guess I should have known that the help was through the state since it was a 'free' clinic.But what can I say I've had a brain fart all my life. "SIGH"

Looking through my records I am  able to get a better timeline of my surgeries and what happened between. I am learning the names of the apparatuses.

I have discovered unknown terms used to describe the surgeries, braces, casts etc  You can bet I am looking them up to understand more!

The descriptions of my my family as individuals and as a family were mostly positive, except for the pyschologist which I was expecting.

I learned that how the costs of medical care has skyrocketed since the disco era.  My dad's income at the time was wide opening. I wish I had the rent and bills they had! I would be living like a queen.

I was reminded of the names of people who came and went through my medical care. It makes me wonder what happened to some of them. Some names I have no memory of them. I can't picture a face to the name and. It frustrates me.

My parents told me stories throughout the years but I think I have a better understanding of what they had to go through to fight for what I needed. My appreciation of their courage and the parents are trifold than before.

There were also pictures they had taken to mark my progress. I was half naked. I remember at one point, my mom telling doc that I was becoming a young lady and the nakedness was going to have to be less. So I wore my panties and balloon undies as they had to see my legs. What I will treasure the most is the pic of my awesome doctor I had. My memory distorted his face but now when I think of him, I can have a clear picture.

I've read all of the 130 pages at least 40 times since I have received them. And each time it brings back a new memory.

I have a plan to take the information, dissect it on some kind of chart like a writer makes an outline.

I know some people have no interest or wouldn't be as excited as I was but I guess I wasn't a nurse for nothing. I always had questions and were interested in medical information. It's kinda like a child in a toy store for me with my records.


  1. Many people have told me that I must have been a nurse in my last life. I have always been one to ask questions, read articles and challenge doctors if need be. Mistakes are too easily made and to just sit back and let things happen to you or a loved one without asking questions is just not me. Good for you for getting an important part of your past.

  2. Thanks Barb for stopping by and commenting. Yes, you are right! We need to challenge doctor's and I'm a perfect example. You are so kind and sweet.


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