Saturday, July 23, 2011

Part II: Eats On Mini Vacation

This post is about the food we ate on our mini vacation in Arlington.

Arlington is 6 hours away from where I live. We decided to do the same thing we did last year for lunch. I made sandwiches and cut some cantaloupe and cucumbers. Midway in Shreveport we stopped at a rest stop to stretch our legs and eat.

When we got to the B&aB, there was a plate of 3 oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies. I forgot to take a picture of it because I was so relieved we made it and munched them right away. We were disappointed that there was none the next morning  to snack on. Their 'snacks' were tea, coffee and popcorn you made yourself.

As I told you in the previous post, we found Panda Express for supper that night. We had the typical Chinese food. I tasted better Chinese but there was no other choice.

The next morning we walked to the "dining area' that looked more like a bar. There was a sweet friendly waiter/cook waiting for us. He gave us a choice of typical breakfast or Spinach Quiche. So MyLove and I had scrambled eggs, one of us had sausage and the other had bacon and roasted potatoes. The next day we just switched the meat and my love had some fruit

Okay, now I had never ever seen big BREAKFAST sausages like theirs.. I told MyLove, "DAMN That is some big sausages!" He laughed and said, "What? its breakfast sausage." I said, "I have NEVER seen big breakfast sausage like these." I wondered to MyLove what brand they were.

He just shook his head like he always does when something ordinary to him makes me amazed.

What can I say? I was secluded when I grew up!  Its MY excuse anyway :).

And owning up to the naughtiness I supposedly have, MyLove and I had a conversation regarding another aspect of sausages. I'll spare you the details. The waiter/cook must have thought we were crazy whispering in an empty room except him and laughing.

After the big breakfast, we skipped lunch. We had brought some leftover Chinese we had the previous night and saved it in the mini refrigerator. Around 3 pm, we ate it for a snack because we did not want to waste it.

That night we went to the Medieval Tournament. I can't wait to tell you about that. All I am going to say now it was awesome! Stay tuned!

MyLove had bought the tournament AND Dinner tickets so we got first row seats and we ate everything with our hands. When MyLove told me that we were going to eat with our hands I thought it would be finger food type..

Our "servant" introduced herself. I can't remember her name because it was so noisy. She always addressed us as "My Lady" and "My Lord" just like we were royal.  .All the bowls and plate were pewter even the mugs.

She first took our drink orders which was tea or soda. I had a Dr. Pepper and MyLove had an Iced Tea. They came in big pewter icy mugs.

Our "servant' then served us tomato bisque in a pewter bowl with a handle. We just picked it up by the handle and drank the piping hot delicious bisque. I am usually not a real fan of bisque but this one was good..

Then they served us half of a baked chicken. I thought who eats a half chicken? Lots did. I barely ate a quarter with the other food. Then she served us one BBQ rib. It was tender and meaty with a tangy succulent taste.

She plopped what looked  and tasted like a sweet potato hash brown. It looked and tasted like it was broiled. Mine must have gotten the salt because some of it was salty. When I say something it salty, believe me it is SALTY. After that she threw a buttery  melt-in-your mouth hot dinner roll onto our plates.

For dessert, she served a steaming hot turnover. MyLove says his was apple. Mine was sorta peachy apricot. I gotta tell you I wanted another one! It was so hot, flaky and yummy!

I couldn't take pictures because they didn't allow it. But everything was good. I ate as much as I could. MyLove told me that the lady next to him had a couple of kids and they didn't even touch the food. Such a waste.

However,  the two Spanish men sitting next to me ate all of it. They acted like cavemen stuffing their mouths.  One guy was sucking the bones.  MyLove was able to eat it all. My tummy can take just so much.

The next morning we had our breakfast like the previous morning but we switched meats.

As we headed home, we were trying to stop before we got to the Louisiana line but we couldn't find a restaurant on our side of the highway. We ended up eating at a WHATABURGER in a dinky small town. We have one less than 5 miles from home and never been to one. So we decided to go for it. We each had a WHATABURGER with cheese, fries and drink.

This is the end of our Eats on vacation. Be sure to stay tuned for the exciting rest of my vacation.

                                            This was the centerpiece of the breakfast table.


  1. Very fun read. Love how excited you got over sausage! hehe

  2. Thanks Ms Barb! But I never saw breakfast sausage big like that LOL!


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