Monday, July 25, 2011

Pleading With College Police

First and foremost, I promised to acknowledge a fellow blogger,,Pencil GIrl who unconfused me on WordPress. She was an angel giving me a solution to my ongoing problem on Word Press. Check out her blog. She is a sweet kind generous person.

Second, I  know this was suppose to be Part 3 of my mini vacation. However, I have not had time to upload pics I want to post and just sit and write all of my experience at the Medieval Times. Yesterday was busy and unaccomplished. Don't you hate those days? Today is just downright yucky. Rain. Rain. Rain. People down here wished it would rain. I didn't but now they  have it.

So here I am wanting to keep the pattern in blogging every day. although I'm blahzee, I want you to smile so here it is.

Yesterday, I went to my BabyGirl's college as requested by her to see if her financial aid and scholarship came through to see how much out of pocket will be needed.  She is still in MS.

As I said, it was raining. As alot of colleges, its huge. I actually spent 3 semesters to get my RN license but due to circumstances I had to stop and stayed a LPN.

She told me to go to Corona Hall which is where the cashier is. You know how campuses have all these long walks and buildings. The street Corona Hall is on  a two way narrow strip with parking spaces along the already narrow street. The Security Police, the hall for disabled and Post office are across the street..Check out the map below!

I remember bringing her to Corona once and remembered a parking lot right in back. However, as being a former student there I also know all parking spaces are assigned. So I dutifully drove to Martin Hall which is where visitors are suppose to go. There was a small toll booth to pass through. I stated my business and situation. I told her I would pay for a temp parking permit showing her my handicapped placard if I could park closer to the hall.

She told me all she could offer was a free 30 minute parking space where a car was backing up in that lot. I understand there are rules and I never use the handicapped card but I knew I would take longer than 30 minutes with my breathing.  I told her I would be back.

For a reminder or if you are a new follower, I have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and lung disease among too many to mentioned illnesses. I am disabled from the lung disease. I never used my CP excuse until I developed the lung disease. And no, I have never ever smoked. I also didn't have a handicapped placard until my lung disease developed.

Anyway, I drove to the street Corona Hall was on and drove up and down creating my plan. The road on the side if the building that goes to the parking lot were ALL closed off due to construction. That plan was eliminated.

As I passed the next Hall, Olivier, I noticed  instantly that  there was a row of handicapped parking spaces in a small parking lot with maybe 2 cars. . There was a walk from the parking lot to Corona Hall.

I know you're looking at the map and think they're close..its not for me I promise you!

The rain had slowed down AND it was closer than Martin. I know when the weather is rainy, Campus Police are out with their tickets knowing the students try to get away with parking illegal. I was desperate.

I parked in a handicapped parking space and found a piece of paper. I wrote UL POLICE PLEASE DON'T TICKET ME. I AM HANDICAPPED AND AT CORONA HALL.TO SEE ABOUT MY DAUGHTER'S TUITION. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T TICKET ME. I wrote her name and my name.

It was still raining but not as hard so I walked to Corona Hall via the sidewalk. I talked to the nice lady and did my business.
As I walk out and around the corner towards my car,  my fear comes true. I see the Campus Police Car on the side of my car!  I thought, "HOLY COW" That is the Rated G form. HA! I start walking faster, moving my  my arms with my paper like waving a flag. I increase my speed carefully as I don't want to slide and fall on my face. Everyone who knows me can picture this right? LOL.
As I think about it, he was PARKED in the handicapped area without a placard LOL
So I yell, "Hey, Mr. Police!" I can feel the humidity settling in my lungs.I can't run much and walk fast..So I'm walking as fast as I am, waving  my hands in the air yelling PLEASE DON'T.

He was a 5'6 dark head Chinese young man dressed in his Uniform.

He looks at me like "What the hell."  I am sure all he saw was a DRUNK woman in blue jeans and neon green muscle shirt (Yes, a cop has stopped me before thinking I was drunk when I wasn't)

He walks around my car eyeing me. I FINALLY get to him short of breath and pleaded breathing heavy, "Please officer! I have a handicapped placard but Martin Hall's lady wouldn't give me a temp parking pass. Please don't give me a ticket."

He says, "You do know you are suppose to have a UL parking sticker?"

I said, "Yes, I do. My BabyGirl is in MS and asked me to come see about her scholarship and financial aid.

His pen was on the paper. I hold out  my hand to stop him  and I begged, "Please, as you can see I am handicapped! I did offer the Martin Hall Lady money for the anywhere to park but she said she couldn't. I understand that.  It's raining and it would have taken me longer to walk than the 30 minutes she would have given me. Please please give me a break."

His eyes move up and down my small body. I'm sure he didn't understand much of what I was saying since I was so short of breath. People have to get used to my speech as I say I have the CP drawl. My family and friends say they never thought of it like that. But when you have CP and in a bunch of others with CP, you notice!

I somehow get into my car and hand him my note from the dashboard.

He looks up at me again and says, "I'll let you go this time."


I got in the car. As I was driving out the parking lot, I looked in the rearview mirror and he was watching me with a confused face..hehe..So be nice to the UL Security..hehe

Also UL missed out on some $ because I was happy to pay for the temp parking ticket but there you go. No worries! They'll get it through my child's outrageous tuition.
I would not encourage anyone to try what I did because it was ILLEGAL and the person won't be as lucky as I was.

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