Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Check out My Guest Post at Overthinking Mama

Overthinking Mama requested volunteers to write whatever we wanted for guest posts while she was on vacation from her blog. After emailing back and forth, I reluctantly agreed and submitted one. So check out my guest post here Guest Post.

While you are on her site, check out her posts! She is an awesome Christian Mother who shares her life and thoughts with her followers. 

Thanks again Overthinking Mama~


  1. You are doing an amazing thing to help others and God will bless you in your life for doing so. I loved your guest post! Sarah will be very pleased when she reads it. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  2. Thanks Betty! God has blessed me already in so many ways. I just want to make another child's life brighter. I hope you are having a wonderful day@|!


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