Thursday, August 18, 2011

CP Group

Yesterday, somehow I happened on a group on Facebook. It was probably my spastic hand doing its own thing at the moment.  (HAHA)

This group is specifically for people with CP.  Members share their life story. They ask questions. Some are just hanging out.

It is amazing to read other's stories. It is cool to be able to say, "OH I so can relate!" or "Yep, that happened to me". We all have our differences but it is nice to join a group that actually understands or has been through what you have been through.. It shows WE ARE NOT ALONE.

There are young people with CP struggling to be accepted for who they are, not by what they have. They have concerns what they can or can't do. There are older people who have been through the same the young ones are going through that can support them and encourage them.

It is amazing how soceity has accepted the 'disabled"; compared to when I was growing up.

It is amazing to learn how the braces and therapy changed and improved.

I have had some ask me how it was when I was in high school, how my CP affected me going to nursing school, how it affected me being a parent and many more. It is great to be able to share your experiences with someone and able to encourage them, "You can do this."

Thank you Leigh Lockrey for putting up such an awesome page!

Someone asked me privately how did my child feel growing up with a mom with a disability. My daughter and I have discussed it candidly. It was my worse fear that she would be ridiculed because of me. She stood up for me. She doesn't remember the one time that made me realize she could hold her own. .

Anyway I asked her to write a paper stating her real feelings about being raised with a mom with a disability to share with others. Stay tuned for her letter next post.

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