Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salvage Yard

I was on such a roll in writing my 30 days but then I acquired insomnia and couldn't sit and write focused.. I don't consider myself a scarey cat but when MyLove is away, I hear EVERY sound the first day.. Someone else's dryer startles me. Someone upstairs put on their water, I jump. The refrigerator kicks on and my eyes pop open. I don't fall asleep until 2-4 am.

The second night is much better and by the time he returns I'm used to all the sounds.Thank God he is home! LOL.

If you are following me, you know My BabyGirl is without a car due to an accident she caused. The day we used to use as "US" time is now errand time. And that's perfectly okay. I picked her up from college and went to her apartment as the blonde blurr she is forgot her title to her car.

We went to her apartment and grabbed the title. We drove to the salvage yard. Of course, it took us longer because the man was unclear of his directions. We finally got there and Layla asked him how much was he going to give her.

Raise your hand if you or someone you know, is knowledgable regarding that when your car is totalled, you bring it to salvage yard, you can get money from it? If you raised your hand good for you!

Her father had told her she should have asked how much money he was going to give to her when her car was brought there. She did not know this. I didn't even think about it. If it was totalled it was unfixable to me. So anyway we finally find the dude. He gave her some gibberish that her car was a 2000 but if it was a 2001 she would be able to get more. He also explained that he has several cars like hers that he hasn't been able to do anything with. He also said he probably could fix it. I asked how much would it cost her to fix it.

He replied he didn't know because he didn't look into the car but maybe 1700. Layla said that one of her dad's mechanics checked it out and said it wasn't worth fixing.

I thought AFTER we  left, if he didn't look into the car, what was his reasoning for 40 bucks?

So we asked again, how much. He said $40.

I said, "That's it?"

He said the practice of paying for cars salvage is pretty much not practiced as much as it did once.

I was going to debate the issue but My BabyGirl said, "Mom, that's fine." I thought I can get this jerk to pay more but again, I wasn't sure how much the car was worth. The radiator and transmisson got crushed.

Also, it was NOT MY business. I was only bringing her and she is an adult so I just stepped back. He gave her $40 bucks and she signed the title.

I asked him how much would it cost me to pay for a taillight for my car. He told me I had to go down the road to the office, give my VIN number to the dude there. So we left and I found the yard but saw no one. It sorta looked creepy and we didn't see anyone. As we were discussing if I wanted to go there. a dude went onto the porch waving at us but there really was no road or path. He disappeared into the building and we decided just to leave it alone. I backed up and we went along our way.

I told her that if she allowed me or if she pressed on him, she could have gotten more than 40 bucks. She said she screwed up by not asking how much he was going to give her when the car was brought there. I understand what she was saying because I probably would not have thought of it either.Also, her father will be grinding her error for time to come as he always does.. I could tell that she learned her lesson and decided to put it to rest. Nothing could be done anyway.   .

Stay tuned for more adventure!

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