Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grocery Shopping With My BabyGirl

This is the continuation of yesterday's blog, Salvage Yard with My BabyGirl.

We get to Wallyworld and ate lunch at Subway as we were starving  Then her grocery shopping began. She had her list and we proceeded. As we went along, I noticed how she compared prices. She is a health nut and was comparing prices. Once she was debating on something and she said to herself that one was cheaper and grabbed the cheaper product. I had to grin to myself but not a word I  uttered..She had to get some college supplies and I showed her how inexpensive if you got that bigger box of copy paper then the little pack. The case of paper (2500 pages) should last her through the semester!.

As we made our way to the register, I said, "It feels so nice to grocery shop and not have to pay anything." The cashier laughed. As My BabyGirl was looking at the register, and saw the total, she got excited and exclaimed, "Wow its 30 dollars less than I thought!  I was sure it was going to be $100." I said, "Now you know why I got excited!"

It was just fun to see My BabyGIrl shopping, thinking, comparing prices and watching that expression of delightful surprise when she discovered she'll have 30 more bucks than she thought.

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