Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunday night,  around 10:30 pm after turning into my jammies I was putting my phone on vibrate when my phone rang. I see BabyGirl's girlfriend's number and name on my phone. My heart dropped. I answer. I'll call BabyGirl's Girlfriend "K". The first thing she said was "Layla is okay but she is in ER." or something like that. I can't remember the exact words. So she proceeded to tell me that she dislocated the same shoulder she has had surgery on and she is okay. After getting a few details Layla got on the phone crying. I told her I was coming.

She said, "You don't have to." I said, "Yes I do."  Like I won't go..Are you serious?

So I dressed and got into my car driving down Evangeline Thruway to I-10 and then to Ambassador Caffery. Thank God I caught most green lights and there wasn't traffic! My mind was reeling with alot of thoughts! I couldn't panic I kept saying to myself.

I finally got to OLOL ER and they directed me to BabyGirl. She was sitting up in the bed with her finger pulse hooked up and her arm in a sling her face red and teary. "K" was sitting at the bedside talking calmly to her.

BabyGirl explained to me that being careful she put her brakes on too fast at the corner of Hwy 90 and Ambassador Caffery and the moped slid out from under her. A friendly Honduras man saw her and stopped. I wish she would have gotten that man's name so I could personally thank him. She called 911 as she was in pain. The cop and ambulance arrived and they transported her to the hospital.

Luckily the cop was in a good mood and didn't ticket her. He put the Moped in a parking lot of a business and tagged it.

As she was telling me Idiot and his wife arrived. "GROAN" 

Doc came in and explained her arm was dislocated, they sedated her to pop it back in. They had done an x-ray. The ER doc told her to see her orthopedic doctor and gave her a prescription painkiller.

(Or maybe the doc came in then her father..It's blurry)

As we waited for discharge the discussion was where are you going. "K" said she could go back to the apartment and stay with her because roomie was away. Regardless,  I took control and said, "She is coming home with me." I told her "You are coming with me"

I don't recall any objections except hers. Hers didn't matter at that point.  She was in no shape to argue.

She will heal. As I said her arm is in sling, or maybe I didn't. She has scrapes and bruises many places. The only thing that has been bothering her is her neck. I have been massaging the knots.

I've been bringing her back and forth to college. Even went to her Stat Psych study group last night and it was boring but analzying the kids were interesting though!

I made her miss work Monday and today. She didn't need to be working without doctor's permission and her arm in sling although she has done it before. I found it was just too much emotional crap that went on and she shouldn't be there. She cried and whined saying she needed the money. I can understand that but still no do! We did got to her workplace and talked to a manager. She seemed to be understanding. Tough Luck if not.

I am bringing her to the doctor tomorrow morning.
Stay tuned if you dare to see what conversation Idiot and I had (Which was hardly any) and the rest of the story :).


  1. I can only imagine that this was all your fault according to the "Idiot". Thank God she's ok and just minor injuries. Mama knows how to heal those "boo-boo's" no matter how old their babies are. Hugs to Mom!

  2. I really don't care Barb what he thinks. Thanks for the hugs and your kindness! Hugs back to you!

  3. sending waves of *quick healing*

    i would also send a good bottle of scotch if i could afford it...

    hope all goes well...

  4. I appreciate your healing waves and the thought means alot! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. ...I'm seriously starting to think that BabyGirl shouldn't be allowed near any kind of operating vehicle, but then again she has so much talent for hurting herself she'd hurt herself anywhere. Jeez, Ms. Layla, what are we gonna do with you!

  6. Believe me Girl! I wish she wouldn't be driving any vehicles. She read the funny part about the bubble you wrote to her. I absolutely agree with you! Love you! Try to convince her to get herself a cab or the city bus. City bus has several routes around her to and from college and near work at 38 bucks a month. Maybe she'll listen to her BFF!

  7. omg!!! im glad she's ok.. wow sweetie!!! im sorry... i love you!!! i will say a prayer for all of you!! :-)

  8. Thanks Sara! Please extend your prayers indefintely. I love you too!

  9. so glad she is ok everything else is replaceable .....

  10. So true Lori! She was more battered than the Moped


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