Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm sure all of you are familiar with Facebook. I am also one of the 800 million active members!

It has its advantages and disadvantages. We can keep up with all our family and friends.It is amazing to see your former classmates there where you would otherwise have no idea what happened to them etc.

If you like games, there are a slew of them. MyLove and I were obsessed with Farmville. Frontierville, until our computers acquired a virus from them. They actually slowed our computers as well. One thing we didn't care for was needing friends to move on to the next level.After a while,  I realized it was frustrating me more being fun. So I blocked most games, except for my ITOUCH games which I can't play because its stuck. Another story.

Recently, Facebook made some changes. There will always be people either loving them or hating them. I actually like some of the changes. I can still have people as friends but not have to put up with the status feed of videos, links and pics. If I want to see them I can just go to their web page and see them. There were too many days I had to sift through my statuses to get to what I wanted.
 I can handle one or two videos or links but a whole page? C'mon folks!

Now nearly EVERYTHING is connected to Facebook. On TV, you always hear check out our Facebook page. I am sick of it! I am a freebie junkie but noticed lately I have to go to FACEBOOK and LIKE to get the freebie. It is very annoying because once you LIKE the page you get unwanted updates/statuses.

I understand the reasoning of the companies or persons wanting us to LIKE their page. Its advertising.

It also amazes me that you can connect everything to Facebook. Like you can connect to Facebook from Yahoo etc.  I don't like that much. . I have attempted to connect My Blog to Facebook but its not working on one end. I'm sure its the incompetent technical side of me.

FACEBOOK has had some problems with privacy etc in the past. I often wonder, what if something goes wrong? What happens if part of their system shuts down or better yet their whole system?

I've had hackers get into both My FACEBOOK and YAHOO email but luckily there is nothing they can do harm me unless they figure out where I live, and come kill me which something like this has happened, I'm sure.

Anyway, I've been wanting to write about this and read your views.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting if you do so!


  1. well Lisa, I agree with everything you just said. My husband tells me "facebook is a virus" we have had many times when the computer slows up and I have serious problems with the games, but since he is a computer genius (LOL) he fixes things for me. Anyway sorry you don't play the games anymore :(. I love reading your blogs. You are such a wonderful person.

  2. Thanks whoever you are :). You're lucky..OH I think I know who you are :). Thanks for reading and commenting :)


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