Saturday, October 8, 2011


The day after my birthday (Which I had a post scheduled so that's why it was posted with me actually not being here) I went on an impromptu hiatus. It was indeed not a pleasant one!

 I had to visit the emergency room and in turn, was admitted. I gave no arguments with the ER doctor. I felt that sick!

My hiatus will be written in several posts, not necessarily in any order or even consecutively.  

I am home now, still weak and don't feel up to par. But after I'm knocked down like that, it takes me a while to get back to my own "normalcy".

I had written in my last post that I felt like I was getting sick. I had NO idea!

BEWARE: I will try not to be graphic but know how some people have weak stomachs and wouldn't want to give you that kind of effect.

I will summarize in this post and cut it to the diagnoses. 

First, the staff at Regional Medical Center of Acadiana gave excellent care. From the triage nurse to the discharge nurse and everyone in between was awesome! And the hospital didn't seem to smell medicine and it wasn't drab. The bed could have held two of me LOL!

I was referred an Hospitalist Doctor since I have no doctor here in Lafayette because I tried a few specialists in this city and BOMBED big time. I kept my New Iberia Doctors.

Anyway after a slew of blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds the results were that I had the virus that went to my intestines. In triage I had high blood pressure and a temp of 103.5! The HBP was due to my achiness, fever and hours of vomiting, we assume. I felt guilty for a second because of the patients who were probably there way before me and I just got swooped into the back.

Also, my blood sugars was way down..59. It kept going up and down throughout my stay.

I want to tell you if you have to stick yourself every day to check your glucose. I AM SO SORRY. That crap HURTS. The first time they did it, unexpectedly. I shouted, "SHITTT".  I'm not one to be afraid of needles but I was PISSED.

Wednesday, mom asked him his estimation of my stay and he said as soon as they get my blood sugars stable and able to eat a meal and keep it down. Has anyone tasted their nasty gravy?? 

So obviously I reached his goals and I am home. I feel better but not well. This hit me like a load of bricks! I have to pace myself even more. I feel like I have 10 lb weights on my ankles. And now that everything is over, sorta..I'm in a wanna cry mode. Just waiting for the culprit to hit me.

So that is what was wrong who asked.

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  1. Well I'm glad to hear you're OK. That had to be scary. Wow. Some kind of virus that must have been. I had food poisoning for 4 days once and I wanted to die. Can't imagine how bad you must have felt. Hope you're back to 100% soon. Hugs.


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