Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MyLove and I are working on a PROJECT! No one knows about the project except one. No wait, two. Anyway I trust them with my secret. Everyone shall know after the PROJECT is done. Hopefully, it'll be finished by Christmas. I AM so excited!

I think I am getting sick! "UGH". Fighting it and hope I win it but October to January is the worst times of year for me.

I am so behind on reading other blogs and Facebook statuses that I  have no idea if I will catch up. My apologies!

Although I wish it was under different circumstances  I had plenty of time with BabyGirl. I cried the night she went back to her apartment.. She is doing okay. Continuing to do well in her studies and working hard. Her arm is still in a sling but continues to drive her Moped. (Doc said she can take sling off while driving). The bruises are fading slowly but surely..

MyLove and I went to the mall Friday, I think. It was one day. His schedule makes me confused what day it is! To those who don't know. I HATE shopping and I hate the MALL even worse. However, he had to tend to his eyes. That is utterly ridiculous the price. If he didn't have insurance it would have cost him $700! Is that crazy or what?

However, I saw the gas price as low as 3.17!

I spent my Birthday alone and that's okay with me. It was beautiful. I spent time on my bench outside reading. I have been trying to read this one book for months now. Its written by John Irving. "A Prayer for Owen Meaning" is great. I just tend to read right before bed and I don't get too far. I like to read when its quiet so I can absorb everything I read!

Anyway, I just wanted to write something. I know this is boring. I am sorry. But thanks for reading anyway!


  1. Always good to hear from you! You and I are so alike when it comes to shopping! Glad your daughter is healing well. I'm sure you still worry, I know I would. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a nice way to spend the day. Relaxing with a good book outside! My kind of day! Hugs to you sweetie! Don't forget to read my article tomorrow!!

  2. Thanks for ALL your kindness, words, reading and responding to my posts. I will definitely get to your article! You will see why I didn't. I had scheduled this post so I wasn't really around the net on the 4th. Love you!


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