Monday, October 24, 2011

Here We Come Las Vegas!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was uneventful. Thank God!

I think things are settling down. My BabyGirl has been accomplishing staying on her moped and I am building my strength. I can actually get up without the room spinning. My appetite is better and I can eat without wanting to puke. I do find at times I get weak but I think my sugar is messing with me. I am waiting for my appointment with my endocrinologist next month.

MyLove and I are doing great. He has some vacation days left so we decided to go to Las Vegas. I have never been there but he has. I am excited! We have a nonstop flight to Las Vegas and our hotel is all set up. We are not sure what we want to do.

I am an online poker and black jack player. I am by no means good at it. I used to play online tournaments and won a few second/third places. I know my problem is impatience. Once it becomes a long drawn out game, I get bored and make stupid bets.

I am contemplating hitting the black jack table. Depends on how much moolah I can come up with. If anyone would like to donate to my gambling fund, be free to do so! My Donate button is to your upper right. (Facebook fans, if you wanna donate, hope on over to My Cajun Life blog and as I said it is on your upper right. I would be graciously appreciative!

When I told some of my family and friends their first question were...Are ya'll going get married? NO, we are not getting married. We are just fine living the way we are.

My BabyGirl told me she was going to miss me that week. Awww! I thought that was so sweet. I will miss her too. I told her it would be so cool if I would win enough money (If I play!) to put her through college. She agrees.

I just wanted to post something since I have been absent for a few days to let you know I am here.

Have a safe and wonderful week!

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