Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bank Business!

Yesterday, MyLove received an automated "courtesy' call" from our Internet/cable provider regarding billing. I know I had paid the bill,  checked my account and it showed it was returned. WTH? I had money in the bank.

This morning I called the bank and the representative told me that I had a negative balance of 230 dollars. Having my account opened online, I protested that that was wrong. My account showed I had a positive balance. She had asked me for my Social security number and NAZ. I asked her what account she was looking at.

She insisted she was looking at mine and reiterated that I had it a negative balance and I again protested  I calmly demanded she check it again. She said she was going to close the account she was looking at and start over. I agreed it would be a good idea.

She finally gets to my account. And says the check was returned. I asked her why? She said she didn't know. Getting impatient and irritated I said, "Well let me tell you what you need to do. You need to send payment to the cable/Internet company accompanied by a letter stating the bank's error TODAY. If I get disconnected, You (The Bank) will have to pay for the reconnection fee along with whatever fees that may occur."

She asked if I can pay the bill by credit card or debit card online. I asked her why should I ? It would be my luck I pay it AGAIN, and then both goes through and shorten me financially and I paid by a check that was actually good but the bank spit out insufficient funds when in fact I had sufficient funds. It is THEIR responsibility to get the right account.

She informed me it could take 24 hours to go through. I went on a rant about how it is so easy for them to take out fees in an instant but when they erred, it took them longer. Why is that? I reinforced that I wanted the bill paid and a letter faxed today! She said she would have to talk to her supervisor and call me back.

Heck no! I told her I would wait. Fifteen minutes later she came back and said she was 'processing it". She said the Internet/cable company will be paid by the end of the day but may not show up until tomorrow. She also said to let them know if I am disconnected as they will credit my account the fees that this error incurred.

We had a lengthy discussion on how I will be moving my business elsewhere by next month because I can't have these kind of discrepancies any longer. Every few months I've had something like this recur. She assured me all is well now. I told her I was not assured of anything! But I will be waiting for the copy of the letter and notice stating my Internet/cable is paid. I also informed her that I will not be referring anyone to this bank.

She said it was an error and it would be corrected. I told her we will see.Only time will tell.

 Ironically, as I hung up the phone I went onto my Yahoo page and one of the headlines read that my bank has decided to drop the debit card fees they were trying to start.

I want to say Kudos to the Online activist Molly Katchpole! You go girl!

Now I need to do some bank shopping!


  1. After years of working in the banking field, I got so tired of having to tell the customer it wasn't the banks fault...Knowing it was was one of the reasons I finally left banking and never looked back. Stick to your guns!
    By the way, could you re-grab my button and also rejoin my blog/ I changed URL's and the old one doesnt work. Thanks for always following!

  2. Glad you got out of the business. They will be seeing my little face tomorrow :).

    I think I regrabbed your button..but if you see I didn't do it right, please let me know.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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