Monday, October 3, 2011


Birthdays are celebration! I wish my (Uncle) Robert and a very dear friend, who is now in the heavens looking upon us a very Happy Birthday and more. I share their birthday with my own. I thought it is time to reflect on my blessed 49 years.

People tend to believe I had a horrid childhood because of illnesses, surgery, doctors and hospitals. I won't lie and say it was a piece of cake but I survived. I have proved doctors wrong.

Instead of being "Mentally retarded and repeating grades", I passed every grade pretty well and graduated on time. I EARNED my LPN license with flying colors. I worked and enjoyed it!

At 30 God gave me a precious gift. She was my lifeline. She is the reason for me struggling through. 

Everyone who has passed through my life has taught me something about myself or life. I wish I could thank each and every one of them.

I look back and try to think of something I would absolutely change if I had a chance.  I can't say I do.

People often ask me if I could start over without my CP, would I? No, I would not. Yes, at one time or another I wished I could run, keep up with others, wiggle my toes or spread my legs wider (NOT what you are thinking)but I wouldn't have ever met people if I didn't have it

I can't say with a certainty that I wished I hadn't married because if I hadn't I would not have the gift previously mentioned.

Yesterday, my whole family (except one who was at work) got together and had a delicious stew my Godchild and his wife cooked. We also had strawberry cake which was totally awesome.I received  beautiful cards (really have to get those organized!). I attempted not to cry and succeeded but last night I reread them and cried.. It is all good though!

 I can look back and say overall that I am happy how I've led my life. I am indeed blessed!


  1. Lisa I know I have told you this before but you are a true inspiration to us all Im so glad I had the pleasure of meeting you and becoming one of your friends in high school many years ago. If you taught me one thing as we were friends is that I was never to feel sorry for you and pity you because you kept us with the best of us we had some fun times that I will never forget ....My life is so much better becuase I got to meet a little cajun girl with CP that never kept her down ......Love you Lori....Senior 81....

  2. Lori!! Sorry I am late but you know where I have been if you are following facebook.

    I am so happy I am able to touch someone's life in a positive way!

    As I always respond, you keep me on a higher pedestal than deserved but thanks :) Love you.

    YAY SR 81 Rocked!


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