Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spontaneous Written Poem

I woke up this morning and had this need to write what I am feeling. I didn't work with it like I usually do for days for it to come out just right.  You'll see when you read it. If anyone has any suggestions for the title (I am terrible at titling), I would be so grateful. 

Oh and one more thing! No worries. I am NOT contemplating on committing suicide etc. 

Suffering is the journey to eternal bliss
Or so they say.
But isn't their any other way?

The BLACK hole once again appears.
It PUSHES on my chest.
It PARALYZES my mind.
It FORMS lumps in my throat.
It IMMOBILIZES s my body.
It makes people around me worried.

I KNOW what it is!
I WANT to fight i!.
I HAVE to fight it!
I HATE it!

I talk to God every day.
I ask for strength to able to close the hole.
Or give me a sign to show me the way.
But sometimes talking to him is like talking to a pole.

From experience I know he will answer in one way or another, in due time
In the meantime I will continue to love HIM like no other.
As I know he is with me..seen him three times, at the last minute, changing his mind
I want to see him again with opened arms.
But not turn me away. once again!
Give me the trip to eternal bliss with my one-way ticket!

Written by Justlittlecajunme



  1. It is a beautifully written though somewhat sad poem. I'm not sure what a good title would be. No Refunds on A One Way Ticket? Good writing! Hugs my friend.

  2. Thanks Barb..You are so kind and supportive! I like your title..Stil thinking..its hard nowadays :). Thanks! Hugs to you back!

  3. ggrrr.. i had wrote something... and it didnt work.. :-(

    i suggest the "black hole"

    love ya sweetie!! and i loved the poem!

  4. I am sorry :(. Darn blogger :).

    Thanks, I'll take your suggestion in serious consideration.

    Thanks for stopping by, commenting and I love ya too!


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