Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 2-4-Hospitalization--OWWW

Gee Whiz, I reread Day 1- Hospitalization-ER visit and noticed the many  misspellings, grammar errors, etc! I am so sorry.  I DID read over it several times before I posted!

Anyway, here's the continuation of my hospital visit. I will try to keep it simple.

The staff was just outstanding in every department I encountered. They were professional but compassionate.

 As Burly  transported me upstairs he joshed with me as I continued to dry heave. He assured me it would get better, and the room he was bringing me to would be more comfortable. He was true to his word!  I was able to defrost, there was a BIGGER bed and actually a PILLOW

 It was a typical hospital stay with much of the hospital staff not letting me sleep and vampires collecting blood in early mornings  The Sounds of machines beeping was heard and voices as they passed by my door.

The first two days were needles sticking my arms, fingers and stomach! Fluids making me use the bedpan every few minutes. Big x-ray machines coming to my room to take pics as well as ultrasounds. (I hate when they turn the screen so I can't look!)

I was downright miserable for the first few days.

The first night they finally gave me enough IV fluids and sugar to alleviate the nausea. I ached  all over..Oh..and when they did my vital signs the first time on the floor, my temperature was 103.5. I normally do not run fever even if I am sick. NEVER SAY NEVER!

I began a mantra to mom, "I just wanna curl up and die! Someone just needs to shoot me and get it over with."

At first the patient Mom she is, shushed me waving her hand in the air sorta dismissing me.

I continued my self pity mantra and still trying to be the patient person she is made an attempt to  encourage me, "We've been through worse We'll get through this too. Just rest. GO to sleep."

I sarcastically responded, "Yea! Right! We're in the hospital MOM." She shushed me once again.

A few minutes later,  I restarted my self pity, God just take me mantra again. But she was closer to me and SLAPPED me on the arm. It wasn't hard. She demanded, "STOP IT!"

Needless to say, I continued my prayers and wishes silently  thereafter.

As I am writing this I do recall in the ER when I would half wake up I saw her with her rosary in her hand pacing up and down our Storage Room.

We called our ER room the storage room because it seemed someone knocked and walked in to get something like blankets, IV poles, etc every few minutes.

I will stop here because I do not want this to be a drawn out post...Stay tuned to Meeting the Doctor(s)


  1. I would have slapped your arm too! But I understand. Honest I do. I wanted to die when I had food poisoning. Hugs.

  2. Glad to see your back with the continued story of the ER. Hope all is better now!

  3. Aww Barb..I sorta deserved it. I was working on her nerves LOL. OOhh glad you are okay now. HUGS to you.

    Path--I am even gladder that you are following. Thanks!


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