Monday, December 26, 2011


I trust everyone has survived Christmas and doing well. Besides being busy My Christmas was nice. It is always nice being with family!

As explained in last post, Christmas Eve, we spend the day with his family. It was sorta chaotic in my opinion. But there were at least 50 people there including Hubby's brother's wife's family and  and Hubby's family. There was so much food! I did not know most of the people. I had seen a few at my brother in law's Superbowl party.  It was a huge family compared to mine.

Oh! Wow that is the first time I have used brother-in-law! LOL! Yea we are still getting used to the idea that we are married!

We went to the Memorial Service at the local Veteran Memorial Park. I have to say every year I have enjoyed it. The Memorial Service is mainly for those families who have lost a loved one during the year. But MyHubby's family has been going I think since his father passed away. I guess you can say it is a tradition of theirs.  There is an  late 20/early 3O something African American about 5'8" 200+ lbs. that sings out of the world with no music. HE is the music! He sings at several services we have gone to that has to do with the Veterans. The first time I head him sing, the hair on my arms raised and my spine tingled. I just can't describe it. You have to hear him!

After the service we picked up BabyGirl to sleep over. I so enjoy having her here. We don't do much but its just us being together I enjoy.

Christmas afternoon we went to my sister's. My great-nephew was the center of attention. He is so adorable.

My sister's soup was delicious and I enjoyed visiting with everyone. We played Dirty Santa. I ended up with an Anti steam Oven Glove that I so can use! But it seemed after I ate dessert, Mom's awesome HEALTHY banana pudding, I got the "Have enough" syndrome. We stayed for a little longer than we left.

We stopped by BabyGirl's girlfriend's place to give her Christmas gift. We visited with her family for a short while then we dropped BabyGirl at her apartment and we returned home.

I told MyHubby it was nice to be with family but it was time to get back to "normal' life, whatever that should be.


  1. I'm glad you got to see family and enjoy them. That's what I missed more than anything. Just being with my family. It was tough but I got through it. Hugs.

  2. Barb: Thanks. I am sorry you couldn't be with your family but I am sure you were in their thoughts as yours were with them. BIG HUGS to you!


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