Thursday, December 15, 2011

Introducing Mr and Mrs ...

We have been back for a week now. Everything went well with the wedding and and we are now Mr and Mrs Q!

While we were in Vegas, as everywhere else, there were sick people all around us with coughing, sniffles etc. And of course we both had to catch it. Hence, the delay in my posting.

Anyway, I once again want to thank AdventureTiger and The Path Traveled for their awesome posts. If you missed them you can find AdventureTiger's post here and The Path Traveled here. I will most definitely comment more thoroughly on each in the near future.

If you are at all interested in watching the video of our wedding you can see it on the Mon Bel Ami. It will remain up for a month from our wedding date. To your right when you get to the
home page there is a list to the right, click Wedding Videos and then click next until you get to Quebedeaux 12-3-11. It's about 9 minutes.If you want to see the pictures you can go to my Facebook pictures.

I actually hate seeing myself on camera or in pictures for reasons I won't address at this time. Be forewarned our wedding attire wasn't tradition. We decided the least expensive way was to wear costumes and we wanted to have some fun with it He was a Tavern Man and I was the Maiden.

We did not know what to expect having a Vegas Style Wedding. Our intentions were to seal our love legally with each other. We couldn't have asked for anything better!. From the  Limo Driver to the last person who walked us out of the Mon Bel Ami Chapel, the entire staff was wonderful.

I will post more in detail in future posts. I just wanted to let my wonderful faithful followers know everything went as planned. I have no idea how I am going to catch up with reading my followers blogs but I am trying. If something is pressing you think I will miss please email me at


  1. I am so happy for you sweetie!!!


    may you have a life time of happiness and all the blessings and love that your hearts can hold! :-)

  2. Awwww...I just watched your video. Congratulations. You guys looked awesome. And so happy! I'm so happy for you both. Love the costumes you picked too. Woo Hoo. Best wishes for the happiest life can bring you! Hugs.

  3. Thank you so much Barb. It is so nice to share with my fellow blogggers, friends and family and then have all these cool supporting comments! Thanks for your best wishes. You are the best Barb! Hugs back at ya!


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