Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vegas: This and That

1. The Food is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. I know  where we were was a tourist attraction and food will be higher but it was ridiculous.

The first day we asked a security guard for directions to a  Denny's as we had seen one on our way in but we couldn't remember which direction. He said it was too too far to walk. However the last day we were coming from I can't remember where and  accidentally found the Denny's we had seen 2 blocks the opposite way the security officer said there was one. DUH!
We ate mostly in our  hotel restaurant or 'next door' at Harrah's.  It was the easiest and closest. We didn't want to use the bus for the reasons mentioned in my last post.

There were brochures and signs that gave you 'deals' but we soon found out it was NO deal.

The first  morning we ate at the hotel restaurant  Hash House A Go Go and it cost us 40 bucks for breakfast. It was delicious but not worth 40 bucks.

We did find a Subway! Their meal deals were more expensive of course.

The night we went see Carrot Top, which was ridiculously funny and entertaining, we had 1/2 off tickets to the Range Restaurant which was one of the classy restaurants. As we waited and looked at the menu posted outside, there were many of us thinking the same thing. I saw couples whispering to each other as we were as they looked at the menu in the window and a few even left.

MyLove had A rib with veggies and I had a baked potato and salad and it cost us almost $80. I told MyHubby we could eat at Logan's for much less.

However, the waiter was a very handsome middle aged gentleman who was very attentive and made conversation. When he learned we went to Vegas to get married,  he brought us free dessert. That chocolate brownie was so damn good!

If you go to Vegas. Beware:the 1/2 off tickets and for dinner/show are rip offs. You have to eat like a horse to buy  the buffet of all buffets. Also, it was at various resturants which meant we had to get transportation again.  It was not worthwhile for us. That is just my opinion.

2.  There is a reason why they have these "Package Deals". We bought  the hotel/airfare/wedding as a deal. You get what you pay for. The hotel was the oldest on the strip. The shower was a strip of tile with a curtain with mold ingrained in the crevices. The ice bucket was like a large margarine tub. The carpet in the halls needed to be changed.There was no microwave or refrigerator. Our view was the roof.. If you wanted Wi-Fi, you had to pay for it. The TV was ancient. (But yet they had six new flat screen TVS outside the sports bar plus many in the sports bar itself.

The airline had started a promotion of a direct flight from here to Vegas. Our flights were late.  We didn't get to our hotel until Friday morning at 3 am (Our flight was scheduled at 7:30) We didn't get in the air until past 10 pm. .We were an hour late coming home because one flight was cancelled as a plane needed repair so they were bringing two flights. I feel for the people who were going to Texas. As they had to ride with us, wait for others to board and then head to their destination.

At least the wedding was much better than expected! We couldn't have asked for better except for the photographer. When we got home and really saw the pictures, we realized the top of MyHubby's head was cut off!

3.Half-off prices on show tickets are BS. If you find them let me know for in case we go back (Which is highly unlikely) We saw 3 different prices in 3 different flyers for the same show. .We got to ticket box office and it was not half price of any of the prices we had seen. So call the actual place to get the correct price. DO NOT RELY ON WHAT YOU SEE IN THE BROCHURES!

4.There are all kinds of people in Vegas for sure. I felt sorry for the homeless although I suspect most of them were not homeless. Amazes me what people will do to get money.

If you walk down the street during the day, there are crowds but go at night and it is absolutely crazy!

I had to laugh at some impersonators.The first 'homeless person' I saw was when we walked up the sidewalk the first night. He was dressed in a Sylvester costume sitting on the concrete with a jar in front of him.

The Elvis impersonators on the street were pretty cool. When they say," What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," thank God for some people! There were some spectacles out there. My mouth must have stayed opened like a bird. I don't consider myself sheltered . BUT WOW! The clothes some people wear (or not). I loved watching the drunk women dressed in tight skirts walk on 2" heels or should I say stumble?. MyHubby kept saying, "Geezus, you saw that?"  No Honey I didn't. I was too busy trying to get where we were going!

Once he said there was this chick with a tight dress with fake boobs. He saw the whole boob except for the nipple. I asked him what he was looking there for?. He said, "You can't help but look." I beg to differ but I gave him slack. He married me and he can look but don't touch :).

5. The buildings and lights are even bigger and more glamorous in real life. It was absolutely beautiful at night.

6. If you like gambling, drinking and partying then Vegas is for you. I had wanted to pay blackjack but there was nothing less than $5 buck a hand. So that was scratched. I couldn't see losing 5 bucks. Yea! I know! I am not a gambler in reality! It was a bummer!

7. As in my last post, a lot of walking is involved anywhere you go. From the front desk to the elevators was even a long trek. We had gotten a room 'by the elevator". Lets just say I would hate to see the room away from the elevator.

 8. It is so easy to get lost, even if you follow directions or follow signs. It does not mean it is that direction just around the corner. Thank God I was not by myself.

For the most part, MyHubby was able to remember certain things to bring us back eventually. However, there were times when we got completely lost. We learned that some employees don't know jack squat either!

We were coming back from the Carrot Top Show trying to get to the Monorail. We walked into a hotel and followed the arrow.  However when we got to a loop, it seemed like the we had missed it as their was no further directions. It seemed we were going in circles!

When you try to get your bearings and there are so many people walking around you etc it is hard to figure where you had come from. We asked employees along the way and they say, "Oh its just right there pointing in a direction". Somehow we got into the middle of a bar (MyHubby swore we had passed through it) that had this band!  It was LOUD with drunk wall to wall people. I mean people were packed like sardines in a can.

I figured out fast, the only way to get through was PUSH yourself through. MyLove and I were holding hands so we wouldn't lose each other.

I took the lead as he tended to stop for people to pass by. Yes, he is that polite but hhe also knows I can become off balance by just a nudge. However, I wanted to get out of there and I had seen a big dude pushing through.  I pulled MyLove and started following him! He cleared our path unknowingly! YEA!

We look at it this way. We went to Vegas to get married. We got married and the ceremony was more than expected. Although Vegas was not our cup of tea we accomplished what we went there for. We did have fun! It was just not what we expected!

My next post will be about the Entertainment. Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like it was an cultural experience for sure!

  2. Yes, it was! Especially for a country girl like myself :) Thanks for following my blog and commenting!


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