Friday, January 27, 2012

Want you to Smile or even LOL!

Maybe one day I'll write my final post about my Las Vegas trip. But today I want to make people laugh or smile so here it is!

On Mother/Daughter Day I was at BabyGirl's apartment. She served me cold water in a nice dainty mug at my request. She had walked into the other room and I got up to save the cup shortly after as I was done. Well there were computer cords across the floor and I made a conscious effort to LIFT my foot so I would NOT trip and fall! I have the same thing going here.

The uncoordinated person I am DID lift my foot but it still got tangled and I went tumbling down. Of course I land on my knees first and fell forwards! However, I NEVER dropped the cup. Of course I popped back up laughing. She had heard something and came running in. I announced, "I fell but I didn't drop the cup!

The wonderful daughter she is asked if I was okay. I said Yea but kept saying I didn't drop the cup! That is an accomplishment because if I have something in my hand, and I am going down, the hell with it! I am more important LMAO! But for some reason that day I held on to the mug!

No visible injuries. At first my pin in my leg got jammed but I worked it out. My pride didn't get shattered because I guess I know BabyGIrl is used to it and I am getting old enough not to let that bother me much anymore. Of course I didn't have anyone coming with all good intentions to 'help' me up and embarrass me and let everyone know someone just fell.  BabyGirl is concerned and makes sure I am okay but unless I ask for help she knows not to make a big hurrah about it. I get aggravated with MYSELF!

Anyway I thought I'd share that with you. It's okay if you smile or even LOL!


  1. What a sweet daughter she is. While falling down is not funny, saving the cup is! Love the way you told it. Be careful though.

    1. Yes, she is! Thanks! She worries too much about me though. Glad I made you smile! Appreciate you reading and commenting. Always careful, things just get in my way :). Love ya


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