Friday, January 20, 2012

Vegas: "Think Before You Speak"

I promise I am ALMOST finished talking about my trip to Las Vegas last month.

I realize that people are ignorant and all the attempts to educate some of them are all for naught because they just don't get it!!! It's been almost two months and every time I think about what I am about to write, it infuriates me!

When MyHubby and I were coming home from Las Vegas, we decided to use the 'handicapped card'. I hate doing that.  I AM "handicapped' or disabled if you rather that term. I have learned to put my pride on the side and sometimes use the resources available to get from Point A to Point B a bit easier. That week was really tiring for me and it is such a long walk from the waiting room to the plane.

When we disembarked the plane a week before, people were walking around me and then cutting in front me. MyHubby had commented when we eventually got to the same place where ALL the people who passed me waiting for their bags, "Gee, look how far ya'll got?" Of course, those who heard, acted like "It wasn't me!"

Anyway, when we were finally called to board the plane to come home, we were beside a 90ish gentleman and his 40ish Granddaughter. He was a frail elderly male walking with assistance of a walker. We were at a standstill. The granddaughter offered us to go in front of them as he walked slowly. We thankfully declined explaining I was slow and we were not in a hurry..The plane was not going to leave us.

There we were, yet in another line but not going anywhere. When we stretched our necks we noticed a 30-40ish couple making a big ruckus. The woman, drunk was loud and telling the employee that she was handicapped and had to get on first. The employee did not buy it. She was blocking the area so no one was moving. The worker, who was a 50ish old male who had been annoyed by another passenger (Yet, another post) asked her politely to move out of the way.

She moved, for a second and as a family with small children were making their way past her, she made her way back and yelled, "I am with them!" and points at them. The mother just ignored her. As the frail gentleman pass, she scans us from head to toe,then yells, "I need a walker! I wish I was handicapped." OMG! Did she just say that, I thought. WTH? However, she was already onto the next passenger before I could put my thoughts through my brain. I was shocked. Not because I have not heard it before, just the display of ignorance that was before me..

As we finally got through the door, the worker had told her if he had to tell her again, she was going to be escorted elsewhere.

The Granddaughter and I were talking as the four of us snail paced to the plane. I told her I was so offended and Granddaughter said said she was so rude. She said, "She had no idea what it is like." I said, "Maybe she should walk in you one his shoes for one day?" The Grand daughter agreed but then chuckled and said, "We don't wanna wish on the people that would have to be caring for her." I had to agree with her.


What would I have told the ignorant woman if I had a chance? Besides some expletives because I was ANGRY. I would tell her she needs to watch what she says as she can offend others. And maybe, God help her, a family member or herself could BECOME handicapped, how would she feel about that?

Or what about getting in a wheelchair for a day to see what it is REALLY like to be handicapped OR be blind for a day. Or whatever her SO SMART mind could come up with. MyHubby was coaxing me forward, as he had not heard it, and people were behind me and we were already delayed a good 10 minutes by this IGNORANT WOMAN!

 So before we talk, we need to THINK before we allow it to flow out of our mouths.

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