Thursday, April 19, 2012

Searching For A Person Who Has Impacted My Life

I know have so many other things to catch up with on here but here's something that's been on my mind.

When I was a little girl, I had several surgeries on my legs because of my CP. I remember my mom and dad driving me in their un-airconditioned and hot leather seat Buick 134 miles to New Orleans Touro Hospital. Those were some hot and sweaty trips!

The hospital had a ward of children having surgeries or recovering. I would drop their kids off and was never seen again until they picked up their child. I remember Mom acting surrogate to them.

Anyway, I also remember the Candy Stripers. There were young girls who came to visit the children, like Pink Ladies do. Do they even have Candy Stripers anymore?

Anyway, one girl I got attached to. She was a lifesaver for mom because she would come visit me and spend time with me. Mom would walk to the store across from the hospital and buy me treats and our puzzle books. Faith Rochon, the candy stripper and I played cards a lot. I remembered looking forward to her visit.

After my surgeries for several years she and I wrote to each other. The last time I wrote to her the mail came back to me. I've been trying to get in touch with her by finding her but all I remember is her maiden name. I think she got married.

I guess it is one of my missions is to try to find her. I have no clue on how to do that because I've lost all of her mail. I have pictures of her but it sure would be nice if she happened to look up her name and find this blog. I want her to know what kind of impact she had on me and my family. I want her to see how I've grown and would love to see her again. I want to see what happened in her life.

I found a person with her name on Facebook and have sent her a message. But I don't think that is her.

I have no clue how to find her. She could have moved out of state. So just say a prayer that God will lead me to her.

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