Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rebirth of my Blog

Happy Belated Easter! As I've previously written, I intend to write and start but never get to finish. Yesterday,  as I was reading an article about Easter. It reminded me that it was a time to rejoice and reflect on the resurrection of Jesus for Christians.

Then I thought I need to reflect and restart my blog. Just go with it. Start writing regularly again about anything. I reflected a few hours and have decided I work on it to much. I over analyze and over think. I try to make those perfect sentences to make my fellow readers to understand exactly where I am coming from. So I overwhelm myself and then don't write anything at all.

So here I am. I have one last installment of my wedding trip that took place 4 months ago. I have several others about various subjects started. I also need to return to 30 truths about me. So It is not that I have no material to write on.


I have been periodically reading others blogs. I see Blogger changed the format and  I'm not quite understanding why they are trying to connect to Goggle 1+. So if you have a simple explanation how to do it and why. I sure would appreciate it.

I hate that every thing wants to connect to Facebook, Twitter, etc. This 'share' things get on my nerves. Oh and then Facebook changed to Timeline. I hate it. It's just too ambiguous and our privacy is in jeopardy.

Does anyone else ever get into these phases that you get obsessed reading one particular blog?  I found this blog, Single Dad Laughing. He is a single father of an adorable son he adopted. He writes about everything he can think of and does it well. I can relate to him as a single parent. He writes about controversial subjects. He is a man of talent, integrity  and compassion. You can see that love he has for his son.  If you have a chance, I would highly recommend.

I shamefully have lost tract of my regular bloggers I used to read but my life just went topsy turvy just right when I thought things were settling down. I hope to at least restart to read them. I sometimes don't respond because well there are like 100's of comments already and I figure mine would just be a repeat of what everyone else said.

So here I am again. Hopefully I'll get the ambition to write more.

Two months ago I broke down and bought me a Mac-Air. It is my first Mac. MyLove who I will be referring to as MyHubbyQ from now on told me I deserved it. I am still learning the ins and outs of it but for the most part I like. If any of you have a Mac and can recommend some cool apps I would appreciate it.

Until next time...Peace!


  1. Belated Happy Easter as well!

    Yeah, changes on blogger, facebook and some other stuff got into my nerves as well.

    : )

    1. BELATED HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AS WELL ERWIN! So glad I am not the only one who feels like that.

      Thanks for dropping by! Come back soon :)

    2. haha. Of course, I'll come back. I always enjoy reading your posts. : )

  2. yay!!! love you and your blog!!! :-) I suck at keeping up with my favorite blogs.. but i get around to everyone eventually!! but def glad to see ya here!!

    love ya mama

  3. Oh gee, thanks Unfortunaely, I am in same boat. I used to get my favorites to go to my email but they just stopped. I'll have to check on that. Thanks you for dropping in and commenting!

  4. ERs I am happy to have you drop by anytime :)


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