Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. It is the day to remember the men and women who have died serving our great country. 

In today's society it seems like for most people it is just another holiday, not to work or go to school.  For retailers it is a reason for a big memorial sale. Government offices are closed as well as other businesses.

For what? I've gone to Memorial Services and there were very little attendance. Those businesses that are opened, the employees cannot attend because, well they are working. The ones who are not working, I would bet most don't even stop and think of the real reason why they are off work today.

How sad is that? How sad that people cannot, for one day, stop their every day lives and think of how many people have given their lives for our freedom? 

I have family members and friends who have served and was fortunate enough to come back alive.  

But today I request, you just stop and think of those men and women who have given their lives for our freedom, if only for a moment. Think of the families who have lost them. Think of the children who have lost a parent. Think of the parent who lost a child. Think of the spouses who have lost their soul mates. Think of the soldier who lost part of their troop.

Think of the true meaning of what today is about. Remember these awesome people who were doing their job, and died for what they believed in. They knew going in, there was a possibility of going to war and never returning. But they still went. They were willing to die for us.

So why can't we pause for a day to remember these heroes?

I challenge you, when you see present or former servicemen, thank them for their service. Tell them you appreciate the sacrifices they have made.  If you see a family member who lost someone or currently has a loved one serving, thank them and tell them how appreciative you are for the sacrifice their family has made.


  1. Hello Lisa. I totally understand and agree to everything you said. It is a sad thing..It is good to hear that some people appreciate what all the past and present soldiers have and are doing. thanks Lisa

  2. Your welcome Anonymous! Yes I do..and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Wish I knew who you were though :)


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