Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cooking and Eating Alone

Since MyHubby has been going out of town regularly for work lately, I have realized cooking for one sucks. I understand better why single people eat out often. 

I always had someone else to think about when I cooked, whether it be my hubby or daughter.

I used to say I can live on a can of beans and rice. One week I ate red beans, sausage and rice for 3 days. I became tired of it really quick. Haven't eaten it since!

The first day or two MyHubby is gone i usually devour the leftovers. If he is gone longer, that's when I get frustrated because then I have to start thinking of simple things to cook for only me. And have I mentioned I hate cleaning up?

I have considered it would be much easier to go get fast food. God knows, there are many but it can become expensive. And not to mention how unhealthy fast food is.  Oh and that means I have to get out of my comfy chair, put on decent clothes and get into the hot humid car to go get it. Not appetizing to me for the most part.

My hubby has told me that when he was single, he had 5 different meals he would eat every week. Very little variation and most of it was microwave. I never considered eating certain things cooked in the microwave until I met him. But all in all I rather the old fashioned on top of stove way, especially meats.

The other day we had a chat with a salesman and he said since he was divorced, every month he buys a bag of chicken, a bag of fish and a bag of something else and that's what he eats. It confirms to me that it may be a 'man thing'. Or maybe not.

Another thought I had was I can take a break from cooking when MyHubby is not here. He eats out every day when he is gone, paid by his company. So I figure by the time he comes home he is ready for a home-cooked meal. So I could take the easy way out but as mentioned before I just can't see myself spending all that money.

As most of you who cook the most knows how planning, preparing, cooking and cleaning can become monotonous. And to do all that for just me? Arghhh.

Thankfully, when MyHubby will eat just about anything I put in front of him when he is home. He is appreciative. We do get take-out to give me a break once in a while or he'll cook something (His microwave specialties) now and then. 

In the end though, I rather cook for two instead of one. 

To all you single (and married) people out there, what are you feelings regarding cooking for only yourself? 


  1. Hey there! I haven't been on in awhile but am making a comeback. I made my blog private for now. If I missed your address, send it to me and I'll add you! As far as your post... I would never cook for myself. When I'm home alone I find myself snacking more than having a meal. Or even eating cereal. I agree that I see why single people eat out.

  2. Hey Lei! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad to see you are making a comeback. Well I am striving to reach a certain weight because I had lost so much. So I attempt to eat meals plus snacks..but the cooking for me is arghh. Thankfully, its not often I have to do this!

    Could you please send me your blog to my email. Couldn't find it on your site. It's Bellelady1981@yahoo.com. Thanks so much.

  3. it is tough to cook for one. I struggle to cook for 3 since our son moved out years ago... and our daughter is going off to college soon...zoinks...

    cooking for 2 is pretty easy, tho... i am working on smaller portions...

    i usually went in phases when i was alone. lots of frozen entree's. lots of pizza. pasta. soup.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Bruce! Yea, cooking for 2 is easy.

    At least when Hubby is home, I can ask him what he wants to eat, But when alone, I have to come up with what I want to eat (or cook). I guess I am on the right track because it's been pasta, leftovers and pizza.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July!


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