Monday, June 25, 2012


It's been almost a month I've last written. I have about 10 drafts that I have started and I just don't have the motivation to finish or feel its good enough to post at this point.

What have I been up to? Ahh..a little of bit everything and a lot of nothing! I know it makes no sense. But it is what it is!

One little request..say a prayer to our loving God (Or whoever you believe in for good things) that the Lender will lend us the money to get our new home. We are waiting for the pre-approval of our loan.  Thanks so much in advance!

I want to address something that has been making me wonder. I am the first to say I have been awful in regualry following blogs or responding to some lately. 

I have noticed some blogs I subscribed to is not coming to my email and I have been too lazy to figure out why. However, it is on my to do list this week.

Every blogger has their own reason why they blog. Some bloggers began like me, used blogging as an outlet. We share our lives and our views. We give support and receive support. Most, like myself, don't expect much in return but am eternally grateful that some gives a comment or even just listening just to let me know someone is reading. Finding a friend or two is a bonus.

My blog is my personal journey in life sharing with those who want to be part of my journey. I also write for my own therapy.  

I have come across some bloggers who went from unpopular like me to very popular. I wish them the very best and do think they are worthy of the success. 

One particular blogger I have been following is awesome. He is a very talented and a versatile writer. He has made me laugh, cry and ponder. 

However, when I read on his profile that he has no time to read other blogs or comment on others, made me pause. 

Frankly, it irked me. However, I've been thinking.

Yes, he has 1000's of followers, He has real life. We all can't expect him to read each and every one of his followers posts, much less comment. He doesn't even reply that much on the comments on the post he has written. 

However, he should stop and think. How did he get where he is today? If all his followers disappeared, where would he be then?

I don't know. Maybe it is just me. 

What is your reason for blogging? What do you think about people like him?


  1. Hoping along with you for your new house! I love following your blog! Blogging has always been, first and foremost in my mind, about community. It appalls me that someone with a large amount of followers would ever say they do not have the time for responding to comments or reading others' blogs. Disgraceful.

  2. foNoCorngirl: Thanks for the hoping. We really need it. Thanks for following commenting because I thought it was just me. I understand their reasoning etc but just to say it so blatantly, I thought it was just rude and messed up! Very disgraceful indeed!

  3. i always try to respond to my comments either on my blog or via emails.. tho i do suck at it sometimes! lol. but ya.. i would never come right out and say NOPE. i dont have time for you... that is a little concieted of himself.. he wants you to take the time to read his.. but cant make time for no one else?! i mean i understand life is hectic but to outright be like nope not going to bother.. made me a little sad for him. :-(

  4. I totally understand OT Mom. I am one of the worse not keeping up sometimes writing or reading but to say pretty much I will not go to your blog at all was mind boggliing. We do all have real lives and blogging takes a back seat but as you said, I thought it was sorta conceited and obnoxious to even say that.

    Oh! Another thing that poured salt into injury was in order to get exposure with HIS followers is to put a text link on his site by ordering a text ad. He gave directions and I followed them for curiosity but it is not there.

    Anyway, yea I guess we can be sad for him but just with that statement puts a whole different new light in seeing him, in my eyes anyway. Thanks Mama for dropping by and commenting. HUGS!


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