Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Find Mickey

If you have not heard by now, the community I live have a missing young woman. She was last seen May 19th leaving her friend's home around 2 am heading home. There have been law enforcement, search parties and volunteers searching for his young woman.

For the whole scoop you can go here. Also go here for more organized information.

They have found her bike, a week later in a nearby bay off the interstate. There have been sightings of her by surveillance cameras in the area on the day of her disappearance. The local police are looking for an owner of a newer model Z-71 white pick-up truck seen on the cameras.

The first time I heard about it, my first thought was "What the hell was she doing on a bike in that part of town at that time of night?"  Then I thought, "OMG this could have been my child!"

I do not know this girl. Never heard of her until she became missing.

I can't imagine what her family is going through. I can't imagine what the friend who was last to see her is feeling.

From what I have read and heard, she has taken this route before. She is an avid bike rider.

It is amazing how many people and businesses have stepped up in assisting the search to bring Mickey home. People all over the world have come and gone to search for this stranger.  Unfortunately, as the days go by, less people are volunteering, probably because they do have to work and have their own lives.

The more time passes, the less chance she will be found. No one is saying it in these words.

Lets just hope whoever is involved find it in their heart and realize they did wrong. Everyone, her community she lives in, friends, peers, relatives, law enforcement and strangers just wants her to return home safely. Let her go. Drop her off somewheres. Give someone a clue where she is and let her be found!

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