Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Want a Sale? Listen!!!

Hubby and I are in process of ATTEMPTING to buy a home. I understand home buying is complicated and stressful. I know it will be a little more difficult  for us with our financial situation. However, there should be some give and take. They asked for bank statements, statements of assets, etc. We gave it to them. We asked questions regarding a modification of the home, what is the next step, etc. They respond they will get back to us or they will tell us. But the next time we talk with them, it is a different story.

When we first walked into the business just looking around, not intending to do anything but hope and see what was out there. As the salesman began interaction with us, he said, “We can get your a home.” We were frank with our financial history. “No problem” he and his boss said. So we started the grueling process with our hopes up high.

I admit, a sticky situation came up with our credit reports. We are rectifying it, or trying to anyway. They told us that would be no problem. They would work with us. They keep telling us the same thing.

We also told them Hubby works but his work hours can vary. We told them he would be out of town last week and it would be best to contact me. What do they do? They called him bright and early one morning waking him as he had been working graveyard shift.

My Hubby and I have been dealing with this salesperson for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday, I dropped off a document I had been waiting for that came in the weekend along with additional paperwork the lender asked for. So I asked what was the next step. Well, he looked at the documents and said it was not the right ones. He needed the statement, not an email. I informed him that Hubby went to the bank and that’s what they gave him. Salesperson also needed something from me that I had to contact someone. He also said in the meantime he needed Hubby to sign a document to get things rolling faster for us to get our new home.  For the 1000th time I told him Hubby’s job was unpredictable but the best bet would be maybe Thursday afternoon or Friday.

This afternoon I acquired what Salesperson needed and called him. I told him the information. Here’s how it went and tell me if I had a reason to bitch slap him. Excuse the profanity.

After I gave him the information by phone:

HE: So when can ya’ll come in to sign the document, today?
ME: I don’t know. As I said before, he is working around the area and we do not know when he will be finished.
HE: Well maybe tomorrow?
ME: I don’t know. We were thinking Thursday afternoon or Friday. (I thought LISTEN TO ME A$$Hole!)
HE: What about tomorrow, 4:30?
ME: I said, I don't know. Depends if Hubby gets off in time.
He: Cool. We’ll see you then.
ME: (Thinking WTF?)  But politely said, “We’ll see you when we get a chance.”  We exchanged good byes and hung up.

However, after the phone conversation was ended, as I was sitting frustrated,  BITCH SLAP was the first thought that came to mind that I could do to him next time I see him.  Second thought was to go and shake him with my hands around his neck with his head is flopping back and forth, side to side.demanding him to listen to me and read my lips if need be.

These kind of conversations tells us they are really NOT listening to us, it has made Hubby and I step back and think if we want to deal with them any more. They were the first ones that said they could work with us. We had talked to other salesmen at other locations who didn’t go as far as these. They brought our hopes up high. But as I think, what good will it do if they are not listening to us! 

Thankfully, we haven’t signed anything binding us to them. We will get our “good faith” deposit back if we decide to move on. And that will really suck for them because NO SALE. BOOYAH!


  1. This sounds so stressful! Good for you for keeping your cool and having such a good head on your shoulders.

    1. It certainly is Nocorngirl!Thanks for the encouragement and compliment. I guess I am sorta mellowing out in my old age keeping my cool LOL! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. ugh. im sorry hun. it is hard. but if they dont seem to be listening and doing what is best for you than maybe it is time to move on to someone who will and who will work and be honest will you. :-) good luck!! :-)

    1. Thanks Mama! It is what it is. There is so much going on that we are so confused. I told Hubby the same thing, we may just need to start over with someone else. But first, we want to have one (possible) last conversation with them. Thanks for the luck, we definitely need it as well as dropping by and commenting!


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