Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Is What Happens When I Am Left Alone In BabyGirl's Office Alone At

A while back before her 20th birthday, I went eat lunch with BabyGirl at her office. She had an unexpected meeting so I waited in her office. I became bored. Then I noticed a stack of Sticky Notes!  And these are the results! I captioned them since some are blurry and may be hard to read.
Don't Know When You'll Get this but my baby will be out of her teens, all grown up!

Your Mom is Proud of You!
Don't Forget this1 Your Mom (hearts) you!
Your Move Loves You LRG!

Love you bunches LRG. I will owe you a pack of sticky notes! Love Mom!
Your Mom Loves You More!
You make my heart sing and Happy!

My hope was that she would find one periodically since I did flip the notes randomly as I wrote. But the Smart (AZZ) and just can't resist a possible surprise she went through the whole pack after she found the first one. "SIGH"

By the way I did buy her a stack of Sticky Notes to replace the ones I had used!


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