Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Wonders: Why Are All Feminine Products on the Women's Aisle?

Why aren't all feminine products on the Women's Aisle at Wallyworld?

Have you noticed on the Women's aisle in Wallyworld, there are only feminine pads, feminine wipes, tampons and maybe pregnancy tests? If you need lubrication, or OTC meds for yeast infection and such, you have to go the display that is SMACK in middle of the floor near the pharmacy window where foot traffic is heavy. Is that ridiculous or what?

I am older and wiser to not be embarrassed to shop for these in the open.  It is what it is. It's called life. However, I think if people are embarrassed they will not stand there and look for what they want and that could lead to unplanned pregnancy and such.

Also the last time I bought some lubrication, they are now in a little lock box that the cashier has to get it out of. They just started that and I inquired why because curious minds want to know. She said if it is applicators etc people will open the box and shoplift some out of the box or even the box.


The box is rather big to put in a purse.

I guess I have a consciousness and won't even entertain the idea of stealing anything. It's one reason why everything is so high in cost,  they have to make up for loss from the morons in this world.

At CVS on the Feminine aisle there is everything a  Female needs on two aisles facing each in a rather discreet location.

Why can't Walmart do the same? Next time you are in Wallyworld and you are in that area try to notice and let me know if your Wallyworld stocks the same way.


  1. Our walmart has everything like that together on a back wall at the end of the makeup, hair product, soap isles. lol.
    funny i was in there last night walking past that isle and there was a girl - looked to be in college- shopping with her parents. dad pushing the cart, girl already picked out her pads/tampons she wanted and the moms over still looking at everything and keeps asking the girl if she has what she wants? is she sure that right? is it enough? and that they should have went to sam's club and bought in bulk. the girl walked away at that point!! haha i had to giggle about it. lol.

    1. The "feminine aisle is against the back wall as well but it is only with what mentioned in this post. It sounds like me when I am with Babygirl shopping. We have to make sure they have everything they need. I would have giggled too!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Much appreciated@

  2. Your right, absolutely right! Our Walmart stocks the same way! That's crazy!!!!

    1. YAY! I am not the only one who sees there is something wrong there! Thanks so much Path!

  3. I do not care what people see me buy.

    1. I don't either Annmarie. The point was why aren't ALL products on the "Women's health aisle regardless where the aisle is. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!


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