Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Battle of The Ants-Dream

It's been a while that I wrote about my dreams. Here is a recent one.

I'm dressed in military camouflage pants, shirt and helmet equipped with a big gun that looks like a cannon. I'm in a squad room which actually looks like a hospital nursing station. My commander is telling us we are being surrounded by hundreds of ants.

Feeling like I am in a video game, I exit the squad room and walk into the middle of thousands of ant hills with millions of tiny ants coming at me. I start shooting. Orange flare from my cannon like gun evaporates the hills and ants.. After what seemed like hours, our team leader states we have had a successful mission.

We all cheer as we walk back to the squad room. Our commander, which is actually a cousin, Karin commands we need to debrief and then we can go home.

As I wait my turn, I call my mom. My mom is upset because evidently I was suppose to get home before Mass. I told her I would try but had to debrief and it may take an hour. She reminds me (Without having to because I heard it all before) that mass Mas in a hour and asked how was I suppose to make it. I told her I could only do what I can.

Next scene: I am running into the church, Mass is almost over. Everyone turns. I look for my Mom where she usually sits but she is not there. The attendants all point the other direction. She walks to me and told me it was about time.  She and dad wanted to bring me eat. I explained to her I had to debrief. She said she did not even know I was in the army and how was I allowed to be in the army with my disability. I told her it did not take much convincing, She gave me one of her trademark looks of exasperation. I thankfully woke up.

Do I really want to analyze this: Oh what the hell.

ANTS: MyHubby and I went to our land the other day and we were discussing how we needed to get a hold of the ants and devised a plan.

ARMY: No clue.

MOM AND Dad: I don't know. Maybe its a sign for me to call and touch base with them.

KARIN, MY COUSIN: Recently I read some of her posts. Why is she the commander. No idea!

HOSPITAL SETTING: Maybe I've seen many of my Facebook friends and family members have been in the hospital or went to the doctor. I've also been sick. Feeling better though.

MASS: The incident with BabyGirl with her church in my last post.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to share.

And as always thanks for stopping by!

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