Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I know the answer to this but there has to be another way.

Why do manufacturers seal jars and bottles so tight that consumers like me have difficulty unscrewing or popping the lid? I mean really! I know machines do it so I guess it is logical that machine needs to unscrew it. I am NO Machine.

I know! I know! It is for safety reasons. Morons could try to put something in the jars. It is sealed tight to preserve and keep products fresh. I am sure there are many more other reasons.

However, it does not help me.

I remember Mom having what looked and felt like a long rubber band with grip spikes on it. Now there are many gadgets to help you unscrew jars and bottles but it doesn't help if the lid is to wide for the gadget,  like The Gripper.

Previously and more recently, I have resolved to hitting the bottom of the jar, running the lid  under cold water and hot water, banging the bottom of the jar on something hard. It is a hit or miss that it works.

I've even stuck a tip of a fork or knife under the lid until I hear a Whooosh or POP.

If I am lucky, MyHubby is around and I can use his muscles. Of course, he makes it seem like it is so easy.

I've been known on a rare occasion to swallow my pride and ask a neighbor to help, which also makes me feel stupid after they seemingly open it with ease.

Does anyone have the same problem as me? What are your tips to opening a jar or bottle that is air tight?

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