Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mystery Meat

I have a dilemma. Here is a package of meat I bought from our local Winn Dixie a few weeks back. They have awesome specials on meat every week. When I picked up this package of meat I thought I had picked up pork because it was in the pork freezer. But as you see on the white label (Look at clearer picture below) it says Beef Chuck/Beef for Stew.

The other day I took it out thinking it was Pork chops but realized it said Beef chuck on the label. So I put it back, taking another package that said pork chops on the white label.
Label stating Beef

Pork chop recipe underneath label

Hubby said the Pork Chop label may just be the packaging giving a recipe. My question was why give a pork chop recipe on a package of beef chuck?

Beef and pork are two different animals, hence two different cuts of meat, Am I right or am I losing my mind?

Maybe when I unwrap it after it is defrosted I'll figure it out. I guess I'll have to pay more attention to the packaging!!

Anyone wanna guess what it is?

If it is beef chuck (Beef for stew) anyone have any ideas on how to cook it besides stew??

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  1. It doesn't look like beef for stew. Usually beef for stew is cut up into smaller chunks and is a dark red. This looks like beef...I think...because of the bone. Some kind of steak maybe? But usually beef is a darker red. Maybe it's pork.

    It's still a mystery.


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