Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weight Goal Reached!

I hope everyone had a Safe Halloween.

I've been battling weight loss for the past couple of years.  Last year at this time, I weighed 74.5 lbs. I struggled but I am finally over 100 lbs. I gained 14 lbs in the past 6 weeks!

When I stood on the scale and 108.5 lbs registered at my endocrinologist's office, I was stumped. I asked the nurse what was wrong. She responded nothing. I asked if she was sure that number was correct. She assured me it was. Then...

I clapped and yelled YES! I gained 14 lbs since I came last. I was so excited. I nearly bubbled over. She said that it was because I was in love. Maybe. Or maybe the brownies and cookies I've been wolfing down nearly every day. Or the meds I am taking. Doc did say the meds I am on can increase my appetite.

Doc walks in and I informed him that I reached my goal. I passed 100 lbs. In his own reserve kinda of way he grinned as he was looking at my chart. He reminded me that almost to the day a year ago, I weighed 74.5 lbs when I first saw him but he was amazed I gained 14 lbs since I saw him six weeks ago. I had a big grin ear to ear. I don't think I've seen 100 lbs since after I was pregnant.

Doc joked and said his mother calls it "Love weight". You can call it whatever you want. I am just so darn happy!

I knew I had gained weight because my clothes are actually fitting. Some almost bursting. I have a small pouch of a belly but I'd take that instead of my ribs sticking out. I just didn't realize how much I gained.

Also, I noticed my legs have been getting tired faster. I figured it was because I am gaining weight gradually but didn't realize that much!!!

Now all I have to do is maintain this weight. I won't cry if I lost 8 lbs to get to 100. As long as I stay 100 or above I am happy.

I feel so accomplished reaching my goal. I am so happy and relieved.


  1. Congratulations!!! I have been there on the opposite side of the scales. Your gaining was as important as me or anyone losing the weight..
    I have put back almost 10 pounds in the last few months. Maintenance is very hard and now I am eating too much.
    Keep that smile on your deserve it!

    1. Thanks Path for everything, reading my blog, commenting and supporting. It means alot to me.. I hope you can maintain your weight and I appreciate your understanding. Yes, I have been smiling alot lately. Life is good.

      Have a great Thanksgiving!


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