Friday, October 26, 2012

KC and the Sunshine Band: I'm Special!

Hubby and I went to a KC and Sunshine Band this past weekend. It was an awesome concert for starters. We put on our "Boogie Shoes" and Shook Our Booties!

MyHubby had bought the tickets. We had not been to Paragon Casino so we were not familair with the layout. There were no floor seats left so he bought the 'bleacher' seats which our seats were of course on the very top of the bleachers.

As we entered the center, there were many employees helping concert-goers find their seats. A cheery middle age bespectacled light skinned African American female employee walked up to us and looked at our tickets and said, "Oh, no! I can't let you walk up the steps. Do you want to  be on the floor?"

I responded  casing the steps I would have to climb, "Our seats are up there and I can walk up the steps. He'll help me." I did not want any special privileges or put out anyone else.

Hubby wasn't understanding her as it was noisy and I guess he wasn't focusing. She reports that her job was to make sure the disabled were comfortable and I was "Special' and repeated she did not want me to climb the steps.

I could have taken that statement as an insult or just go with it.  I decided to go with it.

I guess I am getting mellow and and accepting more easier ways of doing things at my ripe age!

However, when Hubby understood what she was saying, he asked to confirm, "You can put us on the floor?"

She nodded, "Yes, that is what I said. I don't want her walking up those steps. I am in charge of the disabled."

He looked at me and I shrugged, fine by me. I then told him, " She says I am special.' She said, "She certainly is!"

So she walked us to the last row on the floor and told us to wait there. A few minutes later, she returns with a man hauling 2 chairs.  They started a row just for us. Later a lady on a scooter was placed on the side of us.

We thanked her profusely and she responded, "That is my job!" But you can tell it was just not a job, she seemed like she enjoyed her job and took it seriously. We could not catch her name as her name tag was partially blocked and I didn't think of asking her. I can kick myself when I forget to do that.

Throughout the concert, this very nice lady checked on us periodically to make sure we were okay. Now I say that is awesome!

The concert was totally awesome. It was the first time I saw KC in concert and he put on a good concert. He even danced with his dancers. Choreography was out of this world. I can not recall ever seeing KC move away from his instrument and dance like he did that night.

On our way home Hubby admitted he was somewhat offended by the lady. I told him that was my job to be offended but it was one of those "aww moments." I know he loves me, accepts me and even forgets I have a disability. But when an emotion comes out of him like that it clarifies that he understands me more than I realize and he truly cares.

I keep mentioning when he buys tickets or plans some things, we need to ask about disability accommodations because although I am mobile, I've figured out there are so many things to make my life easier and as I grow older I am willing to accept them.

The parking was a bitch, for me anyway. We didn't know what part of the building it was so we parked way in the back near the highway as there were no handicapped spaces vacant. We couldn't figure out if the parking garage was closer than where we parked.  We don't do valets. I estimate it was two blocks we had to walk from our parking space to the front entrance of the casino. Maybe it is an exaggeration but it sure felt like it. As we walked we saw cars leaving and I pointed out if we drove around once we could have parked closer.  He responded with insignificant utter.

  I think I will have to be more assertive with him in regards our parking practices. I have to realize we have two different views of what is a long walk and because he has that male DNA some things just don't stick in his mind. But I love him nevertheless!

Now, I turn to him when we are clowning and I say, "I"m special!" Like responds, "Yes I knew you were always special!" LOL!


  1. I just LOVE accessible and accommodating concert venues. I have embraced asking for ADA seats recently--it was really really hard for me to do so, though. They're usually really good seats so I'm sold. Good for you for taking "special"-- a word that could have been taken as an insult-- and not going there. I admire that.

  2. Thanks Nocorngirl! I am realizing how much easier it is going that route. Hubby was the one who bought the tickets and he admits he doesn't think of it because he does not see me as "handicapped". We could tell the lady wasn't trying to be offensive and she took her job seriously making the patrons comfortable and at ease. It is hard for me to ask as well and its not because of my CP, its my lungs that are more of a disability. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!


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